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Deferment is not the end of the world…..

Why I deferred my Open University degree
Consider your options with the OU. They will help you decide.

By Clair Chaytors Having been a student of the Open University for over eight years now on various courses you could say I have caught the OU bug. In 2011 though after having had four children I decided to focus on an English Literature degree, my ultimate dream. My first two years...


My 5 Top Tips for Writing a TMA

By Leanne Goodall After three years of study, I’ve written a fair share of TMAs now! Each and every one of them has taught me more than just the content of the course books. Throughout my journey I have worked out one or two things which have really helped me when writing...


Latest Open University News

Hola Open University bods! It’s that time of the week again when we grab a huge pile of online newspapers and trawl through for related articles until the digital ink is stained across our fingertips! Really? In the words of Dr Evil – no, not really, but we do have a few...