Hi guys, David here and thanks for considering the Study Guide.

The Guide was written with a genuine belief that it can help Open University students to get ahead, increase productivity and boost grades. Now I have a confession to make…I don’t do “salesy” very well. It’s hard for me to put across the value contained within the Guide without feeling a little uncomfortable. But I’m here now and so are you so let’s just say that I believe there is plenty contained inside to help each and every Open University student push on and fulfil their degree ambitions.

In fact, this uniquely specialised guide is already helping OU students just like YOU get ahead in their studies. So how can it help?

* Tips and strategies to boost marks

* Unusual methods – you won’t approach a TMA in the same way again

* Get the most out of your tutorials  – put away the pen and paper and you’ll still remember all the key points

* Time-saving hacks for added productivity and better workflow

* Take advantage of my years of OU experience by shortcutting to exactly what you need to know

The survival manual serves to complement, not replace, course study materials and is designed to help you get the most out of your degree.


There’s a lot of stuff included that I never would have even thought of doing. Certainly not your conventional study guide.
Justin, current student

After reading through the pdf I could approach each essay with more confidence, knowing that I was better prepared.
Ruth, former student

Sounds great, this must be an expensive guide right? Not at all. While this vital resource could easily sell for upwards of £100, it is now available for less than half.

The total investment is at an all-time low price.


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    hacks, study tips and much more.

All of this as well as your mp3 audio files and accompanying script for added convenience. Plus we are constantly updating the Guide package with fresh content so there’s a good chance you might find even more contained inside.

The value of these bonuses on their own is already high but they are yours for FREE as part of the ‘Surviving the OU’ package. You might be thinking, what’s the deal here? Why is the guide at such an affordable price? You’ve paid enough already for a degree education. Why should the hard working student have to spend a whole lot more?

What’s inside the guide? Here is a taster of some of the material contained within:

Starting Out – Facebook and Forums – Official Forums – Meeting up and study groups – Giving the tutor what they want – secret tutorial hacks – feedback importance and tutor comments.

Constructing an essay – Assignment Booklet – Word Count – Putting it all together: Working through a TMA essay – 1) The TMA question and dissecting guidance notes 2) Working through the tutorial notes 3) The Complete Essay.

Second essay work through: 1) Question and Notes 2) Essay Body 3) PT3 Feedback Form.

Third essay work through: Introduction – Essay Body – Conclusion – Bibliography – Advice to students.

Tutor advice – Group Course Forum – Comments on this third essay – Harvard Referencing – Essay Basics – Gathering External Sources – Editing and Proofreading – Essay swaps – Essays beware!

Other Tools of the trade – OU Good Study Guide – YouTube Videos and Examples – Audio and Visual Files

Exams – Troubles – Past Exam Papers – End of Module Assessments (EMA) – My path to BA glory – In Conclusion – My Unorthodox Study Methods – Can’t beat the OU


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and browse the website. Best of luck with your studies and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions:

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