Monthly Archive: December 2019

Landing The Perfect Job After Graduating

Having a degree can certainly broaden your career opportunities. However, a degree alone is not enough to secure a job – particularly your perfect job, for which there’s likely to be a lot of competition. If you want to land that ultimate job, you’re going to need to put some extra work...


The mental mindset required for SAT Tutoring in London

Not only can being unprepared affect how well a student does on the SAT but your attitude can also impact your scores. A lack of positivity, stress, and test anxiety, can also play a crucial part in a student’s performance. What, then, is the proper frame of mind to have that will...


Top 10 tips for essay writing

Top 10 tips for improving your essay writing.   OU lecturer Nigel Warburton offers his advice on the essay writing process.    1. GET STARTED Don’t procrastinate. Get down to it now. If you have an essay to write, it is amazing how easy it is to find other things to do....