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These are the Open University’s most popular courses

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The Open University (OU) in the UK is the largest and most reputable institution in distance learning. Since its inception in 1969, the OU has worked hand in hand with close to 1.8 million students. It currently has a strength of almost 220,000 students, which also includes 15000 overseas students. Over 70...


The Student Room talks Open University

Some of these discussions are slightly old but the content and sentiment is still very relevant to anyone considering studying with the Open University.


Open University Reviews

Here are some of the links to reviews we have found that may be useful to anyone considering studying with the Open University. If you have any to add then feel free to leave below in the comments section. Thanks, David. Open University Reviews – Course and Study Reddit link –>


Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Career Prospective as an Intern

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By Andy Bell Right after studying, most students worry about unemployment. Right off the bat, fresh graduates are under-skilled in contrast with the other candidates for employments. So how will you boost your resume and give an irresistible CV to your employers? The answers are just within your reach. Find Your Career...


OU Module Review: A200 Exploring history: medieval to modern 1400-1900

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By Leanne Goodall ‘The most challenging yet rewarding course I’ve ever done’ Wow, what a course. If you’ve read other module reviews for A200 then you’ll know that it’s the nuts and bolts of studying History at degree level. It aims to teach you all the skills that a historian needs, how...