You are an OU student with a busy life. Long working hours, family commitments and struggling to fit in quality studying time.

This Open University blog is designed for YOU if:

You’ve ever been told that studying with the Open University, or any higher education establishment, is not for the likes of you

You’ve felt the excitement of receiving that cardboard envelope in the post packed full of fresh new study materials

You’ve laboured blood, sweat and tears over an indecipherable TMA question right up until the midnight deadline

You’ve screamed both inside and out over the complexities of Harvard Referencing

You’ve sat at a tutorial and something has suddenly clicked into place

You’re ready to stab the next person that tells you “It’ll all be worth it in the end”

David in MKMy name is David (pictured at OU campus in Milton Keynes) and I spent six years trying to push through the haze of distance learning with the esteemed OU. I’m now running this website to do my best to fill in the knowledge gaps and archive the bits and pieces that I learned during my journey. As I now journey on and plan for my Masters degree, I’m determined to pass on the benefit of my experiences to fellow learners. Working through a degree can be an incredibly difficult, yet remarkably rewarding, experience.

This website and study guide are designed to help OU students get the most out of their studies, to improve their efficiency and in turn boost their grades. There are no guarantees and hard work is required, but trust me I’ve been in the same position and it can be achieved.

If this all sounds interesting and something that might benefit you then I would love it if you would subscribe to my newsletter and join our growing community.

While this website and the strategic advice I offer does not come from any endorsement or affiliation with the OU itself, I can testify to the world-class education that the organisation provides.

I believe that this hub, its accompanying materials and the STOU community can aid you in your progress. I have included all tidbits of information, no matter how quirky or offbeat it may seem. Our blog posts and articles will cover a variety of topics and subjects from light-hearted or opinion pieces to case studies, learning and studying habits, student interviews, general news and more extensive study guides.

The Open University has been an incredibly enjoying and rewarding experience and my next big project is saving up enough money for a Masters. That challenge starts now…..

The best of luck with your studies!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback then please get in touch via email or david@survivingtheou.com