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Revision Tips: by an OU Student

OU Student Revising for an Exam

By Leanne Goodall Here are five tips to help with your revision for that tricky Open University exam So you have an exam coming up and you just don’t know where to start with your revision, right? Me too. Well, at least I thought so but then I realised that I’m actually panicking...


OU Graduation Inspiration

Open University Graduation Day

By Leanne Goodall Looking ahead to your graduation can inspire and motivate as the workload increases Many students will be busy preparing for exams or writing EMAs (end of module assignments) for the final part of their current module. There’s no denying that this is a tough process that requires one huge...


How to Face Your First Exam in Years

Woman Studying For Open University Exam

By Leanne Goodall Often OU students are taking exams for the first time in years. Leanne has some words of advice if you have an exam coming up soon. Every year I hear of OU Students saying that they are about to embark on their first exam for many years. ‘Many’ here can...


OU Students: The Final Push

By Leanne Goodall The pressure builds to finish that final part of an Open University module or degree but don’t worry, you can get through it About this time of year OU students everywhere are feeling their stress levels increase and they haven’t a clue how they are going to get through the...


OU TMAs: Understanding the Question

Answering an OU TMA question
Answering an OU TMA question

By Leanne Goodall Handing in a good Open University TMA can often be simpler than you think Every student wants to do well on their TMA but sometimes (often?) it’s the process of understanding the question that really becomes a stumbling block for students. For some, writing a killer TMA takes a...


5 Ways to Make Studying Fun

By Leanne Goodall We all know that studying can be one long hard slog and sometimes we really need to liven things up and add a bit of fun. Making your study session a little more fun only adds to the learning process and helps things to stick in the mind too....


Top Tips for Surviving Your Degree

By Leanne Goodall So you’re doing a degree and you know by now that it is far from plain sailing. There are tough days, impossible days but also exciting days and those that give you a sense of achievement. So how do students get through a degree? For some students it can...


You Can Do It! The Degree Marathon Starts Here

OU marathon
Completing an OU degree is like running a marathon

By Leanne Goodall Getting an Open University degree is a marathon but you CAN do it! So you’ve made the jump and signed up to do your first module – well done! It’s all a bit daunting though, isn’t it?Saying you’re going to do it and actually doing it are two different things....


7 Steps to Detonating that Tricky TMA

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