By Leanne Goodall

The pressure builds to finish that final part of an Open University module or degree but don’t worry, you can get through it

About this time of year OU students everywhere are feeling their stress levels increase and they haven’t a clue how they are going to get through the final parts of their current module, or possibly the final part of their degree. So how exactly do we get through that final part?

The End of a Module

Whether you’ve loved it or loathed it you may well be approaching the end of your module. For some there might be a temptation to ease off and kick back ready for summer, while for others it might mean the hardest work and longest study sessions are about to start. People have different approaches. If you can’t wait to finish this one then just remember to keep going until you’ve crossed that line, don’t let your hard work get ruined because you don’t finish properly. If you’re a little sad that your module is about to end then try and focus on all the brilliant things it has taught you and take those with you afterwards.


The EMA feels like a huge task and indeed it is. Try not to feel overwhelmed by it and break it down into exactly what it is: it’s simply another TMA but it covers something from across the module rather than focussing on one block of it. There is no way that you can go into lots of detail from everything in your module so make it achievable for yourself. Select what you need and write a great essay.

The Exam

You won’t find many OU students who are jumping for joy at the thought of their exam. They are not nice and that’s that. Just remember that you aren’t expected to memorise everything you’ve ever learned – that’s just not possible. You are expected to have got a general understanding of the content of your module and the exam team want you to pass. Use previous exam papers to practice and remember that it will soon be over. In an odd way it is all part of the ‘fun’ of being a student.

Choosing Your Next Module

Students often find that there is pressure to choose their next OU module at this time of year – there isn’t. If you feel like you just have too much to think about with your studies at present then seriously do not panic about your next module. You can wait until you’ve handed in that EMA or taken the exam and choose then. There is plenty of time so try not to worry.

You’re Almost There

Whatever you are focussing on and however you’ll be finishing this academic year (for those that started in October) try to remember that you’ve come so far. You are almost at the end now and will soon be relaxing in the sunshine for the summer. Just give things that one last push before you do!

Leanne is halfway through a BA (Hons) in History with the Open University and enjoys writing as a freelancer as well as on her personal blog, Growing my Knowing, where she catalogues her experiences as a student. You can catch up on all of Leanne’s excellent contributions for STOU here.

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The Open University study guide is now available! Click on this image to find out more.

The Open University study guide is now available! Click on this image to find out more.