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The OU Student Radio Show

By Leanne Goodall Regular STOU contributor Leanne is ready to appear on Open University radio Yes that’s right, OU Students have their very own radio show and the next one is about to go live. Have you listened before? Do you want to know more about it? Then read on and we’ll...


My Study Goals for 2016

By Leanne Goodall As we enter in to a new year, Open University student Leanne is setting out her goals And so another year has passed and we’re now well and truly into 2016. When thinking of your studies how does the New Year make you feel? It’s a step closer towards...


Free Study Courses: Yes or No?

Free OU Courses

By Leanne Goodall Not tried the OU free courses? You could be missing out on some excellent free learning Have you heard of MOOCs, Future Learn or the Open University taster courses? If not then you might just be missing out on some quality free learning from the comfort of your own...


Open University: TMA help is out there!

By Leanne Goodall Are you stuck trying to write your latest TMA for The Open University? Let’s guess: you have no idea where to start, you can’t decide how to structure it and you’ve found a whole host of others things that you can do instead. Don’t worry, that’s a totally normal...


How Long Does it Take to Mark an OU TMA?

By Leanne Goodall Waiting for that OU TMA to come back can bring out a huge mix of emotions Let’s be honest, that’s the question that everyone wants the answer to when they first submit assignments with The Open University. We put all of our blood, sweat and tears into the TMA...


The OU Student: Excited vs. Nervous

By Leanne Goodall Studying with the Open University can bring excitement and nerves It’s a huge thing studying for a degree. It feels even bigger when you take that on whilst juggling a family, a job or just after many, many years without study. Being an Open University student comes with a...


OU Students: Get Started with Social Media

By Leanne Goodall So you’re an Open University student and want to get involved on social media but where do you start? It can be confusing at first and a little overwhelming with all the different accounts, groups, students, staff and more. This blog post is designed to give you a head...


New OU Course: Let’s Do This, One Step at a Time

By Leanne Goodall If you haven’t received them already then your OU delivery is likely to be imminent. All week long I’ve been reading about excited and nervous students who have been receiving their module materials for the new academic year and I have just received mine: A207, From Enlightenment to Romanticism....


7 Steps to Detonating that Tricky TMA

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