By Leanne Goodall

Regular STOU contributor Leanne is ready to appear on Open University radio

Yes that’s right, OU Students have their very own radio show and the next one is about to go live. Have you listened before? Do you want to know more about it? Then read on and we’ll tell you what we know.

I first came across the OU Students Radio show last year as I had seen tweets about it. Some of the tweets had a link included so I clicked the link to see what it was. I hadn’t realised that the Open University had its own student’s radio show and so I wanted to know more. When I clicked the link it took me straight to Mix FM and directly to the show. That was how easy it was to find it – 1 click and I was listening. I listened avidly for the whole 2 hours and I was hooked. I tweeted about what I was hearing and got involved with the hashtags that I had seen were linked to it. I had quite a lot of fun getting involved and so I’m really excited that I have been asked to co-host the next show which airs this Friday. This post isn’t to promote the fact that I’ll be on the show; it’s to help students know about it because, as a current OU student, I found it both informative and funny and I hope that other OU students will be able to do the same.

Who puts on the OU Students Radio Show?

The team at the Open University Students Association put the shows together and work with students, tutors and staff to come up with some great content. The shows are specifically designed with all OU students in mind and are presented by current OU students.

When does the OU Students Radio Show Air?

The shows go live on a regular basis with the next one due on the afternoon of THIS FRIDAY the 29th January. They’ve previously aired during the early evening and it’s hoped that by varying the times all students can have the opportunity to listen live at some point.

NEXT RADIO SHOW: Friday 29th January, 2pm – 3:30pm

What to expect from the radio show: The radio show is both fun and informative. Listeners benefit from lots of useful information, funny stories from real students, a live Q&A with a tutor, real experiences and even opportunities to win prizes by getting involved with the show. The focus for the show on 29th January will be on FRESHERS and all those #new2ou.

How to listen to the OU Students Radio Show

As mentioned above I simply had to click a link and I was listening. It really will be as easy as that. Follow the OU Students Association team on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be able to do exactly the same. There is also a Facebook event that has been specifically created for the show this week.

So now you have some information about the OU Students Radio show we hope that you’ll be keen to have a listen and get involved!

Leanne is halfway through a BA (Hons) in History with the OU and enjoys writing as a freelancer as well as on her personal blog, Growing my Knowing, where she catalogues her experiences as a student. You can catch up on all of Leanne’s excellent contributions for STOU here.

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