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Why should you opt for an alternative learning?

By Melissa Spears Just when I was feeling stuck and bored with my job I found reasons to get inspired again. Online degree courses – the leeway that empowered me with a desire to live with the job I crave for. In spite of being hedged about with professional and personal responsibilities, I managed...


Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Career Prospective as an Intern

Open University Tutorial

By Andy Bell Right after studying, most students worry about unemployment. Right off the bat, fresh graduates are under-skilled in contrast with the other candidates for employments. So how will you boost your resume and give an irresistible CV to your employers? The answers are just within your reach. Find Your Career...


7 Problems Students Face in College

Open University Student Tired

By Ashley Steven Many students in the final years of his/her school education create for themselves a favourable image of college in their mind. They think that going to college (or University in the UK) is itself a place for fun alongside higher studies and as a result they are always excited about choosing their college of...


OU Students: Five Ways to Fail a TMA

Open University TMA fail

By Rollo Jones  So you want to prolong your time with the OU? We all know that studying with the Open University is the most satisfying experience you will ever have. As such it is perfectly natural that you will want to prolong it for as long as possible in the most...


5 Tips for Applying to Top Universities

Applying to Top Universities

By Andy Bell Education is an important investment and if you are gearing towards a good investment, it is only right that you choose the best. The most well-known and top universities listed offer the best quality of education any student can ask for. Their standards may be high but the reputation...


7 Open University blogs and websites you should be following

Open University Blogging

By David Wells Connecting with fellow OU students and following bloggers within the community was a vital part of getting my degree Growing my Knowing The always awesome Leanne is a regular contributor to STOU and she also blogs over on her own site, formerly History, Serendipity and Me since retitled as...


I’ve decided to study for a Masters

Masters Degree Open University

I finished my degree in 2013 and graduated in 2014, not fully intending to move on into postgraduate studies. After all I never saw myself as the type of person who even gets a degree so moving into postgraduate study also seemed unthinkable. But here we are, I’ve spent a good few...


Revision Tips: by an OU Student

OU Student Revising for an Exam

By Leanne Goodall Here are five tips to help with your revision for that tricky Open University exam So you have an exam coming up and you just don’t know where to start with your revision, right? Me too. Well, at least I thought so but then I realised that I’m actually panicking...


OU Graduation Inspiration

Open University Graduation Day

By Leanne Goodall Looking ahead to your graduation can inspire and motivate as the workload increases Many students will be busy preparing for exams or writing EMAs (end of module assignments) for the final part of their current module. There’s no denying that this is a tough process that requires one huge...


How to Face Your First Exam in Years

Woman Studying For Open University Exam

By Leanne Goodall Often OU students are taking exams for the first time in years. Leanne has some words of advice if you have an exam coming up soon. Every year I hear of OU Students saying that they are about to embark on their first exam for many years. ‘Many’ here can...