Not only can being unprepared affect how well a student does on the SAT but your attitude can also impact your scores. A lack of positivity, stress, and test anxiety, can also play a crucial part in a student’s performance. What, then, is the proper frame of mind to have that will boost test performance success?

It is only normal for there to be days when things don’t go well and how a student handles these ‘off days’ will determine their success. Motivation and positivity play a key role in achieving good test results , by ensuring that the student follows their test preparation plan even when obstacles present themselves. A positive frame of mind will help a student feel more relaxed and less anxious. By reducing the amount of stress, the student can tackle test questions more confidently, and the ability to recall information is better. SAT tutoring in London, provided by A-List Education tutors, can help students develop a more positive attitude towards their SAT preparations.

5 Mental tricks that can build a positive frame of mind

  1. Distract the mind from feeling overwhelmed

The more a student focuses on the difficulties, or challenges, that face them in their SAT preparations, the more likely they are to be discouraged. This is true for students who do not perform well in particular areas of the test or in answering certain questions. Being stuck on questions, and not knowing how to get past stumbling blocks, can be quite frustrating. Instead of indulging in negative thinking (this will only make the situation worse) students can trick their mind by shifting focus away from the situation for a few minutes. Do something totally unrelated like colour-coordinating clothes in the cupboard. Even a walk outside in the fresh air will help relieve stress.

  1. Do not sacrifice sleep

Sleep has a profound effect on a student’s ability to think. The National Sleep Foundation endorses good quality sleep of eight to nine hours a night.

  1. Remember to take the time to breathe deeply

An effective technique to help keep anxiety at bay is to take deep breaths, especially when the pressure is on. Deep breaths have psychological and physiological benefits. By lowering a rapid heart rate, a student can pause for a minute, refocus and find a way forward.

  1. Try a work + reward system

The Oxford Royale Academy advocates implementing a work + reward system to maintain positivity. It is important that the reward is something that offers value to the student. The system works well, as long as the reward is well-earned, is meaningful and a student avoids the feelings of guilt that are often associated with this revision technique.

  1. Try affirming

Affirmations do a wonderful job in keeping the mind focused on positive (or negative) statements. A student can write out a statement of success that resonates with them and remind themselves of it throughout the day. The effects are boosted when this statement is stated out loud and in front of a mirror.

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