As an entrepreneur, you want to work for yourself. You also want to combine a passion with a money making business idea. If you are a petrol head and love nothing more than driving a fast car, experiencing the thrill of putting the pedal to the metal and you enjoy the engineering craft of car building, then a career in the motoring industry could be for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have a previous life as a finance bod, a marketing guru or a more hands-on tradesperson position, you will have the transferable skills needed to forge a career as an entrepreneur within the motor trade. Take a look at these potential avenues that you could explore when considering your next startup move.

Used Car Salesperson

While the used car salesperson may conjure up images of a Del Boy like character who loves nothing more than wheeling and dealing, and pushing the boundaries of professional ethics, car sales in the twenty first century have moved on. Professional and smaller outfits are now popping up specialising in certain motors whether these are family hatchbacks, sporty coupes or VW campervans. Whatever sort of motor you adore, you can make this into your niche area for sales. You don’t have to launch into the business immediately and can test the waters as a side hustle while still bringing in your steady wage from your full time job.

As a seller of cars, you’ll need to head over to a site like One Sure Insurance to look at the sorts of cover they provide for motor traders. This means you’ll be protected from theft, accidental damage, and vandalism.


If you are a bit of a clean freak and the thought of polishing, scrubbing and waxing motors all day fills you with joy, a  mobile valeting service could be your perfect job. While it sounds like a simple concept, a high quality valeter can charge a premium amount of money for their time and expertise. If your car is the one that people always flock to and admire when in the supermarket car park, you might have the necessary acumen needed to make a go of a valeting business. People like to take pride in the saloons, hatchbacks and sporty little numbers. You could help them achieve the perfect look for their set of wheels by providing an exceptional valeting service.

Mobile Defect Fixer

You may be handy with life hacks. If you can get a dent out of a chassis and make the scratches on an alloy disappear, you could find yourself in high demand. Plenty of people get their stunning motors in the odd scrape or find themselves curbing their wheels when trying to park. Knowing that there is someone on hand to potentially fix these minor issues is vital for those people who like to see perfection staring back at them when they look at their car on their driveway.  This could be you.

The motoring industry has a wide variety of jobs within it that you may wish to explore when considering your next entrepreneurial move.