Dining tables are coming right back into fashion as people want a communal space in the home to sit and eat dinner. You’ve got plenty of varieties to pick from, but how do you find the perfect dining table without smashing through your budget? They can be more expensive than you realise, so here are three tips to help you find the table of your dreams while keeping your bank balance in check: 

Buy Ex-Display Tables

Head to countless furniture stores and look for ex-display tables for sale. These are the tables they’ve had out on the shop floor to show shoppers. Most stores will eventually sell them – and usually for a bargain price as they’re technically not “brand new”. 

Still, most will be in pretty good condition and will look new with a quick little clean and refresh. Don’t be afraid to ask about existing display tables too; some stores will be willing to sell them even if they don’t have a sale tag on them. To be honest, you can try this tactic with all furniture items when building your dream home and you’ll save a flipping fortune! 

Look For Dining Table Sets

Ironically you can save money by purchasing more things with your dining table than buying the thing on its own. Brands will sell dining table sets that include chairs with your table. They’re bundled together and typically have a nice discount meaning you’ll save a wad of cash compared to buying the table and chairs separately. 

It’s worth looking into for a couple of reasons. For one, you’ll need chairs anyway, so this makes your life easier. In addition, as demonstrated by these wonderful marble dining sets, companies pair the dining table with chairs that suit its design. The two go perfectly together, creating a more synergistic look for your dining area. Find a set that tickles your fancy and you’ll kill multiple birds with one stone. 

Shop During The Sales

Let’s be realistic, every furniture store has at least one sale during the year. Most will have multiple, so if you’re patient and wait for a big sale to come on, you can snag a dining table for a pretty bargain. 

Will you be buying the newest dining tables in their range? Probably not – but who cares? The point of a dining table is to last for many, many years anyway. If you bought a new one now it’ll be old in a year, yet you’d still use it. This is what turns some people away from sales, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Keep an eye out for the next sales from your favourite furniture stores and you’re sure to find a great table with a huge chunk removed from its price tag. 

We’d like to note one final thing as we conclude this post; don’t settle for a below-par dining table just to save money! If you want a specific type of dining table, then go out and get it. Use the tips above to try and find a more affordable version of this table, but don’t settle for something that looks horrible just because it’s cheaper.