When it comes to career choices, working for local government might not seem like a particularly sexy option, but local governments, whether it’s a county council or working in a role within a small town, parish, community, or borough, can provide a number of amazing benefits. If you are planning your next career move, here are some reasons why you may benefit from choosing a cushy council job.

The Variety of Roles

The great thing is that as soon as you start working under the council banner, there are so many different career opportunities, meaning that you can potentially have a very exciting and diverse career. You could be working in the communications department dealing with marketing and other outbound communications, or you could be working more on the physical side of the equation, such as dealing with the physical removal of rubbish, but you could also be dealing with a number of different other components that many people don’t give a second thought to, such as highway line marking or actively dealing with pothole problems. The fact is there are a variety of roles and a number of entryways whether it’s through an apprenticeship, graduate scheme, or applying for an open job. Working in local government gives you an opportunity to try out new things and this can make a big difference in minimising that sense of boredom.

You Get to Make a Difference

Of course, working for any council means working in and around the local community. If you are looking to make a difference and ensure your voice is heard, you could apply to local government and work your way up through the ranks within a specific field, whether this is the day-to-day running of amenities, dealing with problems in the road, or it could be the educational side of things, infrastructure, or the environment, there is a lot that you can work with. If you have a passion to make a positive impact on the things that you care deeply about, working for a local council could give you an infinitely rewarding career.

A Nurturing Environment

A local council should be forward-thinking and committed to making changes in and around the working environment. You should find a local government to be a progressive entity, not just in terms of the things they do from day to day, but also in regard to contemporary issues, for example, mental health, equality, and inclusion. A local government is there to help people in their communities, so if you are looking for a career choice that helps everybody thrive, this might be exactly what you need.

A Competitive Salary

You might be a talented individual that is willing to make a difference and therefore it’s only fair that you are paid appropriately. The great thing about working for any local council is that they tend to offer competitive salaries and benefits. There could be a very generous annual leave allowance, as well as access to local amenities, for example, leisure facilities or gym memberships, as well as flexible working. If you are coming out of education and you are looking to make a difference, working for your local council might be the ideal solution.