By Leanne Goodall

Do any of these sound familiar to you? I took my exam on 3rd June and have had all of these thoughts right up until no.35. The last 5 thoughts are taken from my thoughts after last year’s EMA and pretty much every single TMA that I’ve ever done. I’m fairly sure that they still apply.

1 – Oh gosh, it’s exam day!
2 – No I can’t have ANY other conversations; I can only focus on my exam later today.
3 – I REALLY need help to take my mind off the exam later
4 – WHY are you talking to me about things not related to my exam?
5 – I am NOT ready for this
6 – I can do this, I just have to stay calm.
7 – I need to leave now; I don’t want to be late for the exam.
8 Wait! Not yet, I’m not ready.
9 – I’m here now: there’s nothing more I can do.
10 Well, I either know it or I don’t. It’s too late now.
11 – I don’t know ANY of this stuff, it wasn’t on my course.
12 – OK – that wasn’t so bad, I knew most of it.
13 Ouch, my hand hurts.
14 – Oh no, I forgot to say…
15 – I should’ve done… I was awful.
16 – I feel numb.
17 – What do I do now?
18 – Time to move on, forget about it and relax a bit.
19 – I need to talk to everyone else and see what they put.
20 – When does this relaxing start?
21 – I’m busier than ever – how did I ever fit studying in too?
22 – It’s ages until the results, I need to stop thinking about it.
24 – What do you mean ‘another 5 weeks?’
25 – OK I’m relaxing a bit now, not thinking about the exam…much.
26 – Oh my god, I got an email from the OU!
27 – Why do they keep sending me pointless emails? Don’t they know I’m waiting for my results?
28 – They should get on and help with the marking rather than keep sending me emails.
29 – Someone mentioned exams on Facebook – it must be soon – I feel panicked!
30 – I refuse to think about it yet, there’s no point worrying.
31 – I don’t want the results, ever.
32 – I just want my results!
33 – I can’t wait any longer.
34 – Why are they keeping us in suspense?
35 – I just need to know now.
36 – ARGHH THE RESULTS ARE IN, I can’t look!
37 – I feel sick.
38 – I don’t want to know.
39 – Hurry up and load the page!
40 – I got my result…

Sound familiar?

Good luck to all those about to get their exam or EMA results!

Leanne is half way through a BA (Hons) in History with the Open University and enjoys writing as a freelancer as well as on her blog. Find out more here. You can catch up on all of Leanne’s excellent contributions on STOU here.

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