Becoming a doctor is one of the most exciting and demanding professions in the world. It is rewarding yet also has those days when you wish you could just sit down and switch off for five minutes. Still, creating a rapport and building trust with your patients is one of the best parts of the job, so how can new medical professionals achieve this to ensure their patients feel safe and comfortable? 


A professional and sensitive bedside manner is building trust with your patients, especially if you are new to the practice or the [patient has never visited you before. These early experiences give you the chance to show that you are putting the patient first and allow you to establish who you are as a doctor. A sensitive bedside manner is especially vital with kids who might be intimidated by your office, so make sure their experience is positive. 

Fulfilling Appointments 

No one likes to spend too much time in your waiting area, so fulfilling appointments on time every time will go a long way towards building trust between you and your patients. Of course, you want to give every patient a decent chunk of time to discuss their issues, but you should also keep your eye on the time so there is no overrun. It is also worth offering telehealth appointments to help you speak to as many patients as possible. 

An Organised Office 

An organised office is another key factor that builds trust between you and your patients. They don’t want to walk in and see papers strewn about or magazines thrown all over the place. Furthermore, you should be able to find their file immediately, while any vaccine fridges should be thoroughly stocked and kept clean to administer whenever required. A tidy workplace immediately shows you know what you’re doing, so maintain a cleaning schedule. 

Eye Contact 

Although many people can feel awkward visiting the doctor, especially for supposedly embarrassing personal issues, you should still maintain soft yet assertive eye contact. This helps you gauge the scope of their issues even if they are not telling you the whole story. It also proves you are listening intently to them to get the best handle on their conditions or illnesses to prescribe appropriate treatment. While they might not look at you, it always helps to look at them whenever they talk to you. 

A Wealth Of Knowledge

A confident doctor will always generate more trust between them and their patients, but this can also cause issues if you use too many technical terms. You must make sure your patients understand what you are saying so they can take the correct steps to treat themselves. If you feel that your patients do not understand you fully, you can explain in simpler terms and even write down the correct treatment so they don’t forget. 


Building trust is vital for any medical professional. You need your patients to understand you are taking care of them and doing everything possible to help them get better. These tips can help all new doctors (and even more experienced ones) improve their rapport and create a welcoming and trusting environment.