When we think about trade jobs, a lot of us ball building into one category and think that all of the parts of a building project are carried out by the same person. Although this can sometimes be the case, more often than not you will have specialists in different areas who will work tirelessly to perfect a stage in the renovation. If you are looking for a new career path and a new direction for your life this year, today we have some ideas for awesome trades to consider for your new career.


Plastering is an artform to say the least. When it comes to construction trades, this is one of the most difficult skills to master but one of the most rewarding ones to do at the end of the day. It takes some time to learn how to create the smoothest lines when it comes to plastering however it can be a job you will be proud of when it comes to it in the end. If you make the effort to learn this craft it can become a very rewarding career for you.


Roofing is one of the most challenging of trades and it is something which requires a lot of work and grit to do. Standing up high on a roof isn’t for everyone so be sure that you are ok with heights before you try this for yourself. You can freelance as a roofer and earn a lucrative income for yourself and your family. Make sure to get in touch with a Construction Industry Scheme so that you can earn as much as possible as a freelancer in the field.

Painting and decorating

If you are more of a creative type, a good way for you to get into the trade business could be a painting and decorating role. This will be something which you can do which will be fun as a job role and it can really allow you to play around and use your best interior design skills. Some of the clients you take on might not even have a clear idea of what they want so this can be the ideal chance for you to play around and find a style which will compliment their home and allow them to have a stunning living space.


If you are the kind of person who likes to be in the great outdoors, an amazing trade for you to get into would be gardening. Gardening is a job which will always be interesting and educational as you start to learn about different types of plants and flowers and soil. Finding your footing and bringing those green fingers out to the world can be a great way to forge a unique career and have some real fun along the way.

There are lots of different trades you can choose to go into this year, finding the right one for you can allow you to really make a start on the next stage of your professional life this year.