We hear so much about blogging as a great way to earn some form of passive income. Whether this is through search engine optimisation practices like link building or using your website as a way to build a brand around yourself, it is a fantastic opportunity to make a living in the modern world. But before we get to that point, we’ve got to learn the fine art of blogging, and this means that we have to consider a number of factors. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s also harder to come in under budget. If you don’t have many pennies to rub together, let’s show you some ways to learn the art of blogging on a budget and get your site up and running.

Cheaper Hosting Opportunities

There are a number of different ways to host your website. You can either pay a company to do it for you, or you can self-host, which is the cheaper option. And if you opt for self-hosting, you only pay for the server and the connection instead of the resources from a monthly fee. However, as time goes on, you may find that you are better off hiring a web hosting company to do it for you because it comes with a number of perks, including technical support, security, and can increase your website loading speed.

Thinking About How to Design Your Site

While there are many companies that provide pay monthly websites designs to ensure that you can design the website you want, if budget is an option, you’ve got to start thinking incrementally. There will come a time when you need to have a professional eye look over your website to make sure that it finely straddles what you’re trying to promote, while also complying with the rules of the algorithm. For example, a clear website layout and the right title tags can both contribute to more effective search engine optimization. 

If money is tight right now, you should look at what it takes to create a website that makes an impactful statement. Your layout and your visual language should convey who you are, and lots of beginner bloggers can make the mistake of thinking that as long as they’ve got a website up and running, this is all that matters. But look at it from the perspective of someone randomly browsing the internet; would you cast a critical eye on somebody’s site if things didn’t have that professional sheen? It’s very likely, especially the more experience you get as a blogger.

Make the Most of Free Resources

Blogging is not just about putting the digital pen to online paper but is about making sure that you understand the bigger picture, especially when it comes to your digital marketing. Having a better understanding of how you can market yourself is critical and there’s a number of great free resources online including FutureLearn and Coursera. These will be invaluable as you gradually increase your knowledge. 

Lots of people think that a blog is an amazing way to build aside income but to truly reap what you sow you need to give it the time it needs as well. It won’t happen overnight, especially under a budget, but there is a lot you can achieve.