So after a period of applications and interviews, you’ve landed a new job, congratulations! You are most likely fairly excited and eager (not to mention a little nervous) to start your new role and make a good impression. 

However, you may also face some challenges and expenses, such as commuting to your workplace, especially if it is far from your home or not well-served by public transport. In that case, you may need to buy a runaround car or a cheap and reliable vehicle that can get you from point A to point B without much hassle. Who knows, maybe this is the time you learn to ride a motorcycle? Anything is possible!

But buying a runaround vehicle is not as simple as it sounds while you’re trying to deal with the mental task of preparing for a new job. Let’s take some of that frustration from you and offer some helpful advice.

Really Define Your Budget For Peace Of Mind

You have no room to play around, spend a few hours gathering all you can possibly spend, and don’t be ashamed to budget, this car doesn’t have to be tested on a racetrack. How much can you afford to spend on this car, without compromising your other financial obligations and goals? After all starting a new job can be expensive, especially if you have to move. Consider fuel economy, comfort, and the ability to repair cheaply such as with Nissan car parts for the best final outcome.

Choose A Simple, Nimble Model

Consider the length of your commute.  For example, do you need a spacious car to carry passengers or cargo, or a compact car to save on parking space and fuel? Odds are it will be the latter, because companies often provide their own vehicle solutions for logistics. 

Do you prefer a manual or an automatic transmission, a petrol or a diesel engine, or a hybrid or an electric car? Maybe you’re a manual transmission person, but you’re happy doing automatic because it’s more relaxing to drive during a city commute. Then again, manuals are cheaper to insure. Make these decisions now to save you time.

Condition Matters, But You Don’t Need A New Car

Sure, you don’t want to drive around a rust bucket, but being the third, fourth or fifth owner of a vehicle isn’t necessarily bad for just ocmmutes. Before you buy, you should also test drive the car, and see how it handles, how it sounds, and how it feels. You should also ask for a professional opinion from a mechanic or a friend who knows about cars, and get a written report of the car’s condition, not to mention all the paperwork too. 

This way, you’ll know everything is above board. You might also invest a little more money after purchase for long-term comfort, like choosing a tire with better tread to make your city driving easier. 

With this advice, you’re sure to find the perfect runaround car, especially during the excitement of new employment. Good luck!