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Open University and the Library

Open University Library

By Leanne Goodall Do you use it or is it just nostalgic? On a recent visit to the Open University Campus at Milton Keynes I was lucky enough to get a tour of the wonderful library. I found it incredibly exciting to be there and was in awe on all those amazing...


OUSA Explained

By Leanne Goodall If you’re an OU student then you’ve probably heard of OUSA but if not don’t worry, we’re about to explain. Do you know what the point of OUSA is and how they can help you? If you’re like me or many other students that I’ve spoken to then you...


#New2OU – Student Advice

Open University students starting a module

By Leanne Goodall I’m feeling quite calm about my next module and the fact that it will soon be starting. However, I have been reminiscing about my nerves as a newer student in previous years. It’s got me thinking about the excitement and nerves of all the new OU students that are...


Stationery: The “Must-Have” Items

By Leanne Goodall So your study days are fast approaching and you’re raring to go. You need that all important trip to the shops to stock up on stationery – lots of stationery that comes in all kinds of lovely colours and looks all shiny and new and fresh, right? I’ve been...


Stationery: The Pointless Items

By Leanne Goodall So we’ve talked about the items of stationery that I’ve classed as essential for your studies but what about all the bits that I’ve found to be a bit pointless? I’m going to list some of them here but first I must say that just because I’ve found them...


OU Students: Preparing to start your module

open university studies
The glasses are down and off for a break from those Open University TMAs

By Leanne Goodall How does an OU student prepare to start their academic year? The obvious answer is in many similar ways to any other students but there are a few differences to consider. Perhaps you’re about to embark on a new module or maybe you’re taking the very first step of...


7 tips for picking your next OU module

By Leanne Goodall Are you trying to decide which module is right for you? It’s that time of year when many students have finished their modules and are moving on but not everyone finds it simple to choose which module is best for them. Here are 7 tips to help you pick...


Once an OU student, always an OU student…

Open University students together

By Clair Chaytors You’ve taken that dreaded exam or you’ve submitted that mind boggling EMA. You’ve packed up all your notes and books into a storage box and you’ve signed up for your next course. But, there’s a problem; the new university term starts in October and it’s only the beginning of...