During your studies, the thought of achieving a well-paying job at the end of your degree likely keeps you going. Knowing you will enter a career that provides you with enough money to live the lifestyle you want is a great feeling. But, as well as earning a generous wage, you must ensure that your new career provides job satisfaction. Choosing a career that suits your way of working is essential. If you dread the thought of being stuck behind a desk all day, working in an office is likely to be your worst nightmare. 

If you dislike the idea of working in an office but want to ensure you get a well-paying job, you may be wondering what your options are. The great news is that many well-paid careers do not involve office work. Take a look at these potentially lucrative non-office careers to consider:

Start a Transportation Business

If the idea of being out on the open road each day appeals to you, then a career in the trucking industry could be ideal. Qualifying as a driver and starting your own business can help you earn a generous wage in the transportation industry. Many owner-operated truck driver job openings are available, and these are some of the best-paying positions in the industry. So, qualifying as a truck driver and buying your own truck is worth considering.

Train as a Pilot

Becoming a pilot is the literal definition of a high-flying career. If you love the idea of taking to the skies and the flight deck appeals to you more than an office desk, becoming a pilot might be the career for you. There are a few options to consider when planning to become a pilot. The first option is to work as an airline pilot. As an airline pilot, you will transport people to destinations across the United States and worldwide. Helping people to travel for vacations, to visit family and friends, or for business can be an excellent feeling, as you will play a vital role in their plans. 

Another option to consider for a career as a pilot is working as a commercial pilot. Commercial pilots perform a variety of flights; these include giving aerial tours and charter flights. One final option for those considering a career as a pilot is to join the US Air Force. Earning your Bachelor’s degree is essential if you plan to become a pilot in the US Air Force, and you will also require further training.

Become a Detective

Another worthwhile career that involves little time spent behind a desk is detective work. Training to become a detective is a highly responsible role, and you will specialize in a specific type of crime, such as fraud or homicide. In your role as a detective, each day will be different as you work on gathering evidence and establishing the facts of your case. Being able to rise through the ranks of the police department is an excellent opportunity for career-minded graduates.