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Interview with Open University blogger James Newton

open university studies
The glasses are down and off for a break from those Open University TMAs

This week it is an absolute pleasure to welcome over blogger, influencer, father, oh and Open University student James Newton for an interview. More of an informal chat I’d like to think but either way James was kind enough to agree to it and responded extremely quickly. Hope we didn’t eat into...


Sticking To the Open University Study Planner, Or Not.

Open University students reading over the study planner

By Leanne Goodall Do you stick to the study planner on your module website? I haven’t been looking at mine so much of late and it’s got me wondering why. Until recently, I’ve always followed the planner studiously. For anyone that hasn’t come across the planner or isn’t an Open University student,...


Deferment is not the end of the world…..

Why I deferred my Open University degree
Consider your options with the OU. They will help you decide.

By Clair Chaytors Having been a student of the Open University for over eight years now on various courses you could say I have caught the OU bug. In 2011 though after having had four children I decided to focus on an English Literature degree, my ultimate dream. My first two years...


My 5 Top Tips for Writing a TMA

By Leanne Goodall After three years of study, I’ve written a fair share of TMAs now! Each and every one of them has taught me more than just the content of the course books. Throughout my journey I have worked out one or two things which have really helped me when writing...


The Open University: Coping With Tutorial Nerves

By Leanne Goodall I remember my very first Open University tutorial like it was yesterday. I remember packing my things into a bag but not really knowing what I would need. Notepads, course books, too many pens and even more highlighters because every student needs highlighters, right? My feelings of excitement became...


Open University: February’s OpenNews

Every month the Open News are sent out in newsletter format. There is usually some interesting snippets of Open University news to be had in these so I have extracted a few articles of interest and listed them below for you to enjoy. Happy Monday 🙂


Battling through your Open University Degree

If you’re anything like me there has no doubt come a point during your Open University studies when you’ve slumped into the desk, closed the laptop lid and felt like giving up. Not an applying for an extension or looking for a substitution giving up but a real “I’m ready to quit...