Mastering time as a working student at an establishment or distance learning can be something of a challenge. We all have lives, and employment is almost always a necessity. From organising your workload to studying around your job, here are some tips for easier education.

Sort Out the Logistics of it All

Just getting through one day can be a nightmare. It never seems like there are enough hours when you have deadlines and life hands you a stinker. Yet we all get the same 24 hours, don’t we? It is how you go about the tasks of the day that help make the most of time. Just choosing the smallest Mercedes car when buying one means you can navigate city streets more efficiently and, therefore, move about quicker between work and home in time for studying.

Organise School Tasks by Priority

It can feel like you have been given a neverending list of things to do when studying and working. Then there are family responsibilities, too! But the solution is actually very simple; priority lists! Lists are excellent for seeing what you need to do at a glance. But you can also list things according to priority. Need a 1,500-word essay submitted tomorrow? Maybe the laundry can wait another day. Plan this according to the timescale you have available.

Mastering Time as a Working Student with Technology

There is no way you can go about work and educational studies these days without using some kind of tech. From phones to equipment, tech plays a crucial role in modern life. Maybe you are an older student and have some challenges. Around 15% of people over 60 struggle with modern technology. Take the time to get to know systems.These include emailing, online study planners and using accounts for software and student access areas, and always ask for help.

Plan Educational Tasks Around Work 

It’s quite the conundrum when it comes to time, work and study. Time is limited, work is essential, and study requires more time. Planning around the time you have is vital for making the most of it. Of course, this is harder when you also have to work. Commuting can be a great way to get in some extra study. Many people find it helpful to use lunch breaks to study more. A comfy space at home is best, though, so plan for study time whenever it is available.

Prioritise Yourself Before Anything Else

Neglecting yourself and studying too much won’t help. Self-care is vital for a happy life and one that enables you to make the most of what you have. Forward-thinking is a massive help. If you know you will be stuck for time, then make meals ahead of time, wash your hair the night before and make smoothies for on-the-go energy. However, also make room for downtime. Studying all the time will stress you out, and your grades are more likely to suffer rather than improve.


Being able to get around efficiently helps with mastering time as a working student with minimal to spare. Getting to grips with new technology as early as possible will also save a lot of headaches later. Remember to take care of yourself to stay mentally and physically prepared.