Many companies engage with social media in 2023, but the truth is that like with anything, there are better and worse ways to go about it. Sure, the instantly-accessible format of social media allows anyone with a good enough smartphone to upload a short, but if you really want to create content online that stands the test of time, then it’s good to invest in your equipment.

There’s no trick here, in fact, some of the most basic audiovisual equipment is helpful. A room you can light for content, a three-point lighting system and extension cables, a good SLR camera and a couple of lenses, an audio recorder, lapel mics and boom mics can all make a big difference to your content quality.


But of course, it’s not just the equipment you buy, but how you manage it. Preparing space for an A/V storage room in your premises can be a good method of keeping expensive equipment safe, and maintaining its correct use. Let’s consider how you could achieve that:

Stack & Store Your Equipment Safely

Audiovisual equipment is relatively expensive even when it’s basic, which is why it’s important to store it correctly. A cart you can easily push from place to place is good when recording content from around your premises, as are equipment boxes, soft-shell crates, and pallet racking shelves so you can more easily place the goods in a secured and neutral environment. This also allows for easier access, making certain that storage issues won’t threaten to damage your goods.

Keep A Robust Inventory & Booking List

It’s essential to keep track of your equipment, which is why keeping a robust digitized inventory list is appropriate. This can also serve as a booking in and out form, and a maintenance log in case you need to replace a faulty lens for example. A booking list can be as simple as a spreadsheet on Excel or Google sheets, or a Notion document that you keep updated live throughout the day. Make sure managing this is assigned to a team in your building or one individual, or if needed you can even hire part-time staff to help you keep your equipment safe depending on how often it’s used.

Set Up An Editing Terminal

Editing terminals can be very useful depending on your needs. It’s not hard to see the function they serve – allowing you to render video and put together content for your Youtube page. You may need more rendering power than you have on work laptops – a good CPU and GPU is essential. You can also find these necessities in mobile laptop editing stations so make sure to find an appropriate model with good ventilation. Unless you’re putting together cinematic content, anything that can render 1080p video is fine. As editing is noisy and collaborative work, it’s also good to assign a space in your AV room for your staff to focus on that, away from other professionals trying to focus on your building.

With this advice, you’re sure to create a worthwhile A/V room in your commercial premises.