Many of us will agree that education forms a huge part of our lives. From the age of four we head to primary school, learn how to hold a pencil correctly, learn to read and write. We move on through the years learning about history and literacy, moving to secondary education and then, for many of us, we consider university, either locally or even through home study like Open University. Education takes up at least 12 years of our lives, and we spend that time learning, mostly, in a classroom environment. However, it’s during these years, and even beyond in further education, that we can consider other ways to enhance our journey and help us to learn more, or even take information better. I wanted to share with you some of the ways you could enhance your education, help with your children, or even just take on some extra tips for further study.

Consider taking the learning outside of the classroom

There is only so much that can be learnt inside a classroom I feel. Hence why open university can be such a great way to study for further degrees. But education inside a classroom, even for the early years through primary school, can often only do so much. Taking a lesson outside for an afternoon, visiting museums or landmarks of interest or even residential school trips can be a great way to enhance the learning experience. Sometimes you can pick up more skills, learn extra things or even just enjoy the experience more when you are learning outside of a classroom environment. That being said, there are still many subjects that need the concentration a classroom can offer. But a school trip or mixing things up a little can certainly enhance the whole learning journey.

Do what you can to focus on areas that may be a struggle

There may always be subjects you struggle with. Or if your children are going through the education system right now, you may see that there are areas in which they aren’t picking things up as quick as you would like. Not everyone enjoys bringing the work home, or doing anything more beyond their homework, but extra practice and time can make a huge difference. This can be more noticed in children of younger ages, where their birthdays fall later in the school year. You can see that developmentally there can be a difference between two students and how quick things can be picked up.

Technology can help but don’t rely on it

Technology is fantastic for education these days. Teachers are using iPads in classrooms, big screens and interactive technology to help with the learning process. But we can’t forget how great the internet has been as a source of information. However, we can’t rely on this too much. After all, some of the greats and success stories we hear today came from classrooms where books, a pencil and piece of paper was all they had. They still did alright. Don’t forget the power of books, the power of time, and the power of practice.

Finally, it is so important to ensure that you enjoy the learning process. When we enjoy things the information certainly embeds.