I think many of us can gravitate towards a particular subject during school, college or even university, don’t you agree? I think one particular diversity between subjects is maths and english, you either love or hate one of them, and you excel in one or the other. Unless, of course, you are extremely clever. However, I also feel that what could have possibly been your favourite subjects in school could really influence the type of career you choose for your future. I wanted to explore some of the most common school subjects that we start to learn from an early age and what type of career they could see you having in the future.


Having a head for numbers and enjoying maths as subject in school could pave the way for a career in the financial sector, or certainly dealing with numbers and calculations on a daily basis. Maybe it might be a career in an accounts department for a company, where your job could be the accountant or as an assistant. Maybe you will be more specific i your job role and enjoy lines of work like credit control or payroll. You can look out for Payroll recruitment from Portfolio Payroll online as well as other job opportunities within in the financial sector. There is also banking, investments, and even running your own business when maths as you strongest subject could work in your favour.


A flare for the written word or enjoying getting your head into a good book could mean a more creative career path for you. It might see you writing books or heading into the world of journalism where you report on real life events. It could even see you heading into the world of teaching, be that as an English teacher or even in other aspects where goof english and writing skills are necessarily. Writing is a great career choice, and it gives you the flexibility of working either for a media company or as a freelancer where you can pick and choose. These days people are making money from blogging, so you never know where this sort of work could take you.


Does biology interest you? Do you have a passion for the human body, the way plants grow or other aspects of our world. Then maybe a career in science or medicine could be the perfect choice for you. From becoming a marine biologist to a doctor in a general practice, a passion for biology can be at the heart of what you do in the future. Other sciences that could influence this decision is chemistry and physics.


Finally, having a love for languages is a great tool to have as it can open up many different career options, not just for the country you live in but also working abroad if you do end up managing to speak a foreign language fluently. You could teach english abroad, you could teach the foreign languages in a school environment, or even use it to your advantage where you work in other sectors but need a language as a key feature.

I hope that this has got you thinking about your favourite subject, potential career,s or even if these subjects ended up influencing your line of work.