If you have an inexplicable passion for money, then why not turn it into your profession by forging yourself a career in finance? You see, a career in finance can be a very profitable thing, and not just because of the salaries involved. Yes, being a professional finance can be fruitful because of the fact that you would know exactly how to look after your money and what to avoid when it comes to your money, simply because that is what you would be dealing with day in, day out. Talk about perks of the job, ay?

To find out everything you would need to know when starting a career in finance, make sure to read on.

First things first, get an education

Like with any sort of well paid position in the world of work, if you wanted to make it in finance you would have to first get a education in it. You would have to get an education it, simply, because by not doing so you would stand yourself in a position to not know everything that you need to know regarding the cross-functional knowledge of foundational business principles, and these are things that you need to know! Besides, many positions in finance now demand that you take SBU’s Finance MBA, or a similar degree, so getting an education is not only vital but it’s necessary. So, go get that education that you so desperately need.

Choose your own path

Once fresh out of college or university, or maybe even during your time whilst there, you should choose your own financial career path. And, whether this be corporate finance, commercial planning, public accounting, insurance or commercial banking, just make sure that you pick the path and the industry that best suits you.

And, once you’ve decided on the financial industry that you will enter and change forever, then it’s time to specialise in a specific position. And, don’t be alarmed if your initial position is an entry level one like finance assistant, even if you do have the education, because that will give you the chance to gain ‘real world’ experience as you seek to climb up the financial ladder.

Never stop learning

Even when you obtain the position in finance that you’ve long dreamed of obtaining, you should still not be settling. No, you should not begin to rest on your laurels and you should allow for each day at work to pass you by. Instead, you should be in a constant state of learning. You should be in a constant state of learning because the financial industry is itself in a constant state of growth, and to keep up with this growth and all the changes that take place within it, you have to grow yourself.

If you have a distinct love for all things money, and you’re thinking about changing your career, then why not jump head first into the world of finance?