People often think that you can’t actually enjoy your job. Most people think that in order to have a job, it has to be boring, stressful, or frustrating. But there is a small group of people who look forward to getting up and going to work every day. Would you count yourself as one of those people? If any of the following has happened to you, it’s safe to say you picked the right job.

You Want To Progress

If you enjoy your work and you’re in the right career, it’s highly likely you’ll want to progress within that career. This could mean applying for a promotion or perhaps going back to college to learn more skills or gain additional qualifications. Perhaps you just want to work as hard as you can and do what you need to do to move forward, and you’re happy with doing exactly that. 

However you intend to do it, the fact that you want to progress and aren’t just going through the motions because you think you should is a great sign that you have chosen the right career; you’re genuinely keen to prove yourself. Conversely, if you only ever do the bare minimum and the idea of putting in the extra effort seems to be pointless, it could be that a new career should be on the horizon for you

You’re Motivated When You Wake Up

We’re not saying you have to be happy to get out of bed if you’re comfortable and cozy – no one likes doing that – but we are suggesting that, if you feel happy once you’re up and you’re content to go about your routine and head off to work, you could say you’re in the right career or job. You’re not anxious about starting work or going to the office, and you’re not dreading the start of the day. 

If you start to hate the idea of having to get up to go to work or perhaps you get stressed in the evenings or on Sundays because you know you have to go back to work, it’s likely that you are in the wrong career. We work for so many hours in the week that it’s pointless to waste our off-time feeling sad or down or anxious because of that work. You’re not going to enjoy every second of every day in your job, but you should enjoy it more than you dislike it, and if you do, you’re in the right career. 

You Make Enough Money 

Money isn’t everything, but that adage doesn’t take away from the fact that money is still important. You don’t have to have a lot of it, but you do need to have enough. If you are working in a career that doesn’t pay you enough money to do all the other things you want to do or even to keep up with your bills, then it’s going to make you frustrated, and eventually, you’ll start to begrudge the work you’re being asked to do. 

If you find that you don’t make enough money to enjoy your life or live comfortably, it won’t matter how much you currently enjoy your work – eventually you’ll have enough of it. This is why you need to know exactly how much you have to earn to be financially stable, as it will help you if you were to look for more work. 

It’s a good idea to speak to a financial adviser who can help you get to grips with your income and expenses. It might even be that after getting the right advice, the job you have now is enough – you just have to reallocate your resources. It’s always worth asking the question first. 

You Tell Other People About Your Job

Do you find yourself chatting to others about what you do at work? When someone asks you how your day was, do you go into detail because you like reliving the enjoyment you felt? These are sure signs that you are in the right career – the more you want to talk about it, the better you feel about it. 

Those who don’t like their jobs very much won’t want to discuss what they do; they would probably rather forget about work when they’re not there, so they certainly won’t want to give detailed answers about what they did or what their role entails. 

You’re Not A Clock-Watcher

If you are in the right job, your days will fly by. You’ll probably even wonder where all the time went because it hardly seems like any time at all since you sat down at your desk or started your next project. Even if you wouldn’t say you had fun doing what you do, you still weren’t bored, and you didn’t wish time would go faster just so you could leave. 

Clock-watchers are people who can’t wait to leave work. The day will drag for them, even if they’re busy, and as soon as the end of the day comes around, they’ll leave, glad to escape. This is not a good way to spend your days; no one should wish time away. If you aren’t a clock-watcher and the hours don’t drag by, you’re probably in the right career.  

You Don’t Get Stressed About Bad Days 

As we said earlier, not every moment of your great job will be perfect. You’ll have times when you make mistakes, and you might even have entirely bad days when nothing seems to go right. If you are in the right career, these days, while being irritating at the time, won’t be enough to derail you. You’ll still go to work and, apart from any important lessons you might have learned, you won’t keep dwelling on the issues and mistakes. You’ll move forward and think about the good things instead.