If you’re looking to pursue a career that can really take you places, you have to be willing to put the work in to get there. After all, it is highly unlikely that an offer for your dream job will fall into your lap.

With that in mind, here are some useful tips that you can use to land the role of your dreams! 

Ask for (harsh) feedback. 

To move forward in your career, you must know what you have to work on. For example, if you’re gunning for a managerial role, you may need to work on your leadership skills. However, it can sometimes be hard to identify our weaknesses independently, meaning that you must ask for feedback from others. 

While receiving compliments can help enhance your confidence during this time, it is far more useful to seek out constructive criticism. This gives you something tangible to work with moving forward, and your employer may also be able to provide you with actionable guidance you can use to turn weaknesses into strengths. You can also ask for feedback from other members of your team. 

Enhance your resume. 

If you are switching careers, you may need to take on some additional training that will enhance your resume. 

After all, while there are many transferable skills that you can carry over from your previous role, it is crucial that you demonstrate that you have the capacity to succeed within this new industry – and having extra qualifications under your belt can help you prove this. 

This does not necessarily mean you need to return to college or university. For example, you could study online through companies such as Courses Online UK. Doing so allows you to study on your own terms at a time that suits you while still expanding your horizons quite considerably. 

Tailor your resume to each job.

When it comes to winning over hiring managers with your job application, be sure to tailor your resume each and every time. For example, you should ensure that you embed some of the key phrases from the job description into your resume so that they know from the offset you are well-suited to the role. While this may take a little longer than using the same cookie-cutter resume, it shows that you are genuinely interested in the role and increases the chances of being invited to an interview. 

Brush up on your interview skills.

According to a recent report, only 20% of those who apply for a role are given the chance to attend an interview. As such, while making it to this stage is something to celebrate within itself, you must find a way to sustain their interest. 

Not only should you dress to impress, but you should also work on your interview skills ahead of time. Ensure that you speak clearly and that you’ve done plenty of research into both the role and the company as a whole.  This way, you can easily answer any questions they throw your way and refer back to their business while doing so.