Beauty will never go out of style so you can be sure your business will always have an audience to market to. Perhaps your business has been so successful that you’re ready to take it to the next level. Growth is paramount where business is concerned so you’re wise to start thinking about the future.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways a beauty business can expand. Take a look at these great ideas for leveling up.

Extend Your Opening Hours

By extending your opening hours, you could reach a whole new audience you haven’t tapped into yet. For instance, opening from 6am could mean you reach all the full-time workers who want to stop in for a facial before starting their day. Similarly, by extending your hours into the evening, you could get workers who want a pedicure after a long day.

You can take advantage of this new audience by offering treatments that you know they’ll jump at. It can be trial and error but you’ll soon find what works for you.

Train Your Staff

If all of your staff aren’t trained in the same way, you may be limited by what you can offer customers. For example, if only one member of staff is trained in Indian Head Massage, you won’t be able to offer this treatment if the staff member has a day off. Investing in your employees is investing in your business.

There are many courses available all year round, including lip filler training, acupuncture courses, advanced massage courses, and many more. If your employees feel recognised and valued, they’re more likely to stay with your business for the long run.

Loyalty Programmes

What keeps your customers coming back? Even when the beauty treatments are the best in the area, your customers will want to be rewarded for loyalty. When they feel that their custom is appreciated, they’ll keep returning.

One of the best ways to do this is with a loyalty program. It could be something as simple as a loyalty card that is stamped after each treatment. When a customer reaches ten stamps, they get a free manicure.

A Signature Treatment

A signature treatment is a treatment that is only offered by your salon. It’s a great way to raise awareness of your brand and offer your customers something truly unique. It will require looking at the combined skills of everyone in your business and putting your heads together to create a treatment your target audience will love.

This is a great opportunity to spread the word on social media and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Keep Customer Service A Priority

When you move forward with your business it can be easy to lose sight of what’s really important- customer service. The customer always comes first and your business should be known as somewhere welcoming for all. When there are issues, they should be resolved quickly and every customer should walk away completely satisfied.

Leveling up your business will be easy if you’re willing to put in the hard work.