In a perfect world, everyone in the office would get along fine. There would be no politics or sneaky, underhand tactics as men and women would be happy for one another. In reality, there is too much politics and competition. So, there are colleagues you like, a handful you love, and the rest that you can’t stand. No one said a career was fair. Still, being childish and immature isn’t the answer. To get to the top, you have to navigate these tricky scenarios. Here’s how to “get along” with coworkers you hate and further your career prospects.

Feel Your Emotions

The problem is that it is easy to feel them too intensely. Once someone rubs you up the wrong way, it’s as if there is an explosion. All you want to do is to show them who’s boss by saying something witty and cutting. However, the fact you engage is a win for them because they are trying to get inside your head. Sometimes, it’s better not to fight whatsoever. Still, there is no reason to avoid or ignore anyone. A simple smile and a nod can work wonders when you want to scream in someone’s face. Then, you can let the emotions dissipate without causing a scene.

Don’t Be Diplomatic

One mistake which is easy to make is to be too diplomatic. Because you’re wary of appearing biased, you go the other way. Agreeing with them or finding the middle ground isn’t the answer. Why? It’s because disagreements are natural and necessary. Colleagues have to be able to question one another and work together without catching feelings. So, the key is to act normally without losing your temper. Disagree by all means, but be sure to maintain a steady volume and not to get personal. Otherwise, you’ll end up being the loser.

Understand Their Value

Toxic people impact your impartiality. Because you hate them, it’s easy to see the bad and ignore the good. These people got to where they are now for a reason. Once you understand this, then you can use them to your advantage. Not to sound manipulative, but everyone needs a favor and these people are no different. Using their skills may enhance your reputation. A trait of successful people is to figure out how to work in a team with people they hate. At, there are creative programs with valuable advice. Check them out for answers on how to cultivate business relationships.

Never Take It Personally

This is tricky when they aim their hate in your direction. However, people often project because things aren’t going well in other areas of their life. Or, they are using you as a stepping stone to a promotion. Plenty of competitive people will try and weaken the position of their rivals. Check out for a full list. Regardless, they don’t hate you for a particular reason. It’s business and they are trying to be the best. When you keep this in mind, it’s quite simple to let the toxicity go over your head.

Are there people at work you dislike? How do you deal with them on a daily basis?