We all know that school is important because it provides us with knowledge to be able to pursue our dream careers when we are older. As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child when it comes to their education so that they can thrive later in life when it’s time to leave the nest. However, sometimes school education simply isn’t enough. There are many different things you could be doing as a parent to help further your child’s learning. Take a look at these tips on how to ensure your child thrives throughout their life.

Don’t shelter them from everything

There are of course, many different things in the world that you want to shelter your child from. Criminals and dangers are the main things that you’d rather keep your child away from. However, letting your child live a too sheltered life could lead to a massive wake up call when they are older. Allow your children to learn about current world event that are happening as they grow up so that they can see that even though they are safe, that the world isn’t always butterflies and rainbows. Doing this will give them street sense and make them wary so that they always look after themselves.

Let them play!

It’s true that children learn even faster through play and using their imaginations, so why restrict them from doing so? Let them have the extra five minutes on the school playground equipment, and who cares if little Tommy wants to wear a dress like Elsa? When all is said and done they are still children, and they will learn many things from playing and discovering things for themselves. Remember that children are also very robust when it comes to learning, so let them play!

Take them travelling around the world

A fantastic way to gain tons of knowledge is through travelling around the world. It allows them to see for themselves how beautiful the world is and also see how in some places around the world, people aren’t as lucky as they are. It teaches empathy and awareness of societies too. It will show them that to live happily and healthily, you must work hard and appreciate everything that you already have. Travelling also promotes learning of different languages and accepting different cultures. Remember to take a camera and a scrap book so that they’ve got some fond memories to look back on!

Encourage extra curricular activities

Pursuing a career is often something that you’re passionate about, so if your child is showing interest in any extracurricular activities, then it’s a good idea to encourage this as much as possible. More often than not, people have pursued careers that have stemmed from interests they had as a child.

Further your child’s learning curves by applying this advice to your lives. Remember that the best way to learn is through play, so encourage it as much as possible!