If you walk through your home feeling a bit gloomy even though the sun is shining brightly outside, you may need to rethink the interior lighting of your domicile. Luckily, there are many ways you can make positive changes to let the light shine in and brighten it up for optimal cheeriness.

Install Skylights

Incorporating skylights into your home’s upper structure is the perfect way to truly allow sunlight inside your space. Select polycarbonate sheeting that is strong enough to withstand the elements yet transparent to filter in the light. This type of material is not completely clear, like traditional glass, so it still affords you privacy and is a good choice to stand the test of time.

Contact a reputable company such as Varico to get the resources and supplies you need to make your dreams come true and install a skylight or two today. Place your new skylights in strategic locations such as your bathroom or lavatory. These rooms are usually smaller than other rooms in your home and will benefit from additional daytime lighting.

Upgrade Your Electrical Lighting

If the lights in your home are outdated or produce low levels of quality light, it is time to make some changes. Enhance the lighting situation by installing new and brighter lights. LEDs are a smart choice as they last longer than traditional light bulbs and are more environmentally friendly. 

When making these upgrades, consider incorporating dimmable or programmable lights so you can change the ambience to fit your mood. Utilizing modern technology in the form of apps that are connected to your smartphone and personal assistants such as Google Nest or Amazon’s Alexa are smart choices, as well. With these options, you do not even need to get up to turn the lights on.

Create additional lighting options by placing strategic lights on motion sensors. Some good areas to incorporate motion sensors are in the entryways, bathrooms, and an attached garage. You can even add coloured lighting to your space to create a variety of moods.

Wash the Windows

Washing the windows on the inside of your house as part of your cleaning routine is probably something you are accustomed to doing. It is an important task to ensure you are seeing the out-of-doors through a clean lens. Something that is often forgotten, however, are the exterior windows. 

Always remember that the outside windows need tending to, as well. Even if you clean the interior windows routinely, if there is dirt and dust on the exterior, the beautiful sunlight cannot shine through.

Watch this video for an easy how-to guide on window washing. Once you have viewed the video, grab your supplies, a safe and sturdy ladder, and be safe whilst cleaning.