Once again this past week we’ve been busy scanning across the internet to find the latest information and Open University courses. This wee we cover: prison education, Harold Wilson and Peer-to-Peer lending. Remember, if there’s a free course or bit of news on the agenda then hopefully we will pick it up and stick it on the next Open University news.

Prison introduces ‘Open Academy’. a new project at HMP Swaleside, Kent – one of a cluster of three jails on the Isle of Sheppey – aims to revolutionise prison education. Swaleside, with 1,100 inmates, is the first prison to create a university-like campus, the Open Academy, which opened last September.

Brilliant initiative to help lift prisoners out of old habits and into education


An unassuming terraced house in a West Yorkshire town is set to become the focal point for celebrations of one of the county’s most famous sons. Friday March 11 will mark the centenary of the birth of former Prime Minister Harold Wilson in Huddersfield.

Professor Wilson is an emeritus professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Open University


There’s been a significant rise in the profile of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending recently, with various commentators preaching its virtues or warning of calamities to come. From April they can even be put into ISAs. Rather than wading into the practicalities, this post aims to look a little deeper at two fundamental questions I ask about all financial innovations: why does it exist and what function does it serve?

What’s this Peer-to-Peer lending and do you do it?


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