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Businesses should invest in knowledge, and not ‘just’ cyber-security solutions, The Open University warns. Staff should be better educated on the dangers of cyber-attacks and how to best protect themselves and their organisations, it said. The comment comes as a reaction to a recent government research which says that, even though almost two-thirds of large UK companies suffered a cyber-attack, only 17 per cent have invested in training their staff.

Knowledge solutions needed say OU boffins


New government research shows nearly two-thirds of large UK businesses have suffered a cyber-attack, yet only 17 per cent of UK firms have trained staff in this area over the past year.

As policy experts meet tomorrow in London to bring fresh ideas to the table, The Open University warns that training must become more central to businesses’ cyber-security efforts.

Tomorrow’s event, ‘Working in Partnership to Reduce Risk in the Digital Age’ is organised by the Public Policy Exchange to debate the role of key stakeholders in tackling the rising cost to the UK economy, a total cost which now stands at a staggering £34 billion.

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