Once again this past week we’ve been busy scanning across the internet to find the latest information and Open University courses. The greatest university on the planet (we reckon anyway) is always innovating and leading the way on many issues that affect us around the globe and these news pieces reflect just that. So if there’s a free course or bit of news on the agenda then hopefully we will pick it up and stick it on the next Open University news.

From time to time we have breathed a sigh of relief and shouted ‘finally’ at the computer screen when a news article appears to recognize the problematic nature of generational stereotypes.  Sadly, for each article that raises this possibility there are hundreds more shouting about ways to recruit, work with, engage, motivate  Generation <insert preferred label here>.  Regular readers will known we are liable to rant about this every couple of weeks!

So I was cautiously optimistic to find not one but two articles today highlighting concerns about how recruiters are using age-related and generational labels.

Generational stereotyping under scrutiny in OU blog post


Universities in England will be able to increase their fees past the current £9,000 per year cap, under plans revealed by the Government today. Institutions which score highly in teaching will be able to raise fees in line with inflation from autumn 2017, the proposals stated.

Fees could rise above £9,000 cap


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The war on drugs is a failure that has been lost and is now due for a radical re-think.

“Bold statement to open with you might think but that’s how I see it. Those who started and continue to push the “war” have always been at least a step behind their supposed enemies and are unable to catch up with them. The dealers, smugglers, users will never be fully eradicated.

According to a recent BBC report the U.S. states of Colorado, Washington and now Alaska have all legalized recreational marijuana. Users across these states are busy celebrating this newfound freedom and choice at the end of prohibition. The state of Oregon is due to follow suit and other states are then expected to follow them as the dominoes begin to fall. This trend is not just running through the United States but across the world as laws are being relaxed. Jamaica has just decriminalized the possession of marijuana for personal use and Portugal decriminalized drugs 10 years ago. Uruguay became the first country where it is legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana.”

The full piece by Andrew Brown can be found through this link


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