By David Wells, editor at Surviving the OU

As you probably already know, I’ve signed up for #H800 as the first step along my Open University Masters’ journey. I will hopefully be blogging once a fortnight with updates and comments to let you know how I’m getting along. This will not only provide me with a way of tracking my progress or “journaling” (as the Americans say) but also inviting readers of this blog in to see what’s required, along with my struggles and any possible pitfalls.

First of all it appears that I’m off to a good start as I’ve got a friend! Well, someone else who is studying the same module anyway.

Looking inside the Student Home main page and off to the TMA schedule. Four to do, all nicely space out (a bit like myself at the moment, trying to take all of this in) and an EMA at the end. No exam so I suppose that’s a bonus.

Open University Tutorial Dates

First thing I noticed when logging in is that the home pages have certainly got a little fancier since I was last enrolled in anything…

OU H800 Module

All basic stuff here, although the Postgraduate tag is a little unnerving. Cannot believe I’ve reached this level. 60 points will do nicely. 180 in total nails the Masters but it’s one step at a time of course. No residential school means I can at least stay at home for the duration of the course and…all tutorials are online so no tutorials to attend. Not sure how I feel about that as I do enjoy a good tutorial but it is what it is.

Open University Postgraduate

That’s all for now. Whenever we speak next I should have more insight into the actual module itself, how it is shaping up and my initially thoughts. Hope to see you guys then.

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