These are the Open University’s most popular courses

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The Open University (OU) in the UK is the largest and most reputable institution in distance learning. Since its inception in 1969, the OU has worked hand in hand with close to 1.8 million students. It currently has a strength of almost 220,000 students, which also includes 15000 overseas students. Over 70...


What is it like working for the Open University?

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The Open University in the UK has made it a mission to make learning accessible to all. They are the leading institution for distance learning and have helped millions of students achieve their ambitions. However, for the students to do well, the faculty who work at the university must give their best....


7 interesting Open University links

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Some of these may be slightly outdated but the information and viewpoints are still relevant. #1 Terry Anderson writes about his experiences of visiting the Open University. Click here for the link   #2 Users on AV Forums discuss whether taking an Open University degree is worth it. Click here for the...


Becoming A Doctor, A Destiny That Keeps On Giving

Practicing medicine is probably the most important field that can be practiced, and it places a high value on saving human lives, as well as significantly improving the quality of life in the modern age. The essence of the profession There are doctors who serve as general practitioners, but most doctors specialize...


Is Learning Scary? 3 Reasons You Should Do It Anyway

The idea of learning something new might be scary to some. They are perfectly happy where they are in life, and they don’t want anything to change that, good or bad. The thought of stepping out of their well-honed and perfectly crafted comfort zone and taking on the challenge of a degree...


Why Do You Need To Understand Finance?

Finance is an important part of life. You need to understand money in order to be able to do the things in life that you want to do, and keep your financial life in order. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but understanding is going to go a long...


Should You Still Study Finance? Some Surprising Facts

With all the chaos of the modern world and worries about the future of the City of London, students are wondering whether they should still study finance or whether they should go elsewhere. The chief concern is that jobs are going to go abroad. We hear a lot about the pull of Frankfurt,...


Is Distance Learning Right For You?

In times like these, distance learning may be the only option for a lot of people. Creating a classroom from the comfort of your home is an effective alternative if in-person teaching is not feasible. Last year, 400 million people took up distance learning, according to the World Bank Group. What is...


Essentials to Invest In As a Freelancer

Nowadays, a lot more people are turning towards a freelance career. Who can blame them? Sure, some employed jobs have security. But when you freelance, you can choose who you work for. You can work from home. You don’t have to commute. You don’t have to wear a uniform. You choose your...