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OU Students: Tutorial Terrors!


By Rollo Jones The excitement is mounting: I found a course I like the look of and I’ve applied for it I’ve had the email confirming I’m on the module. There’s been an official looking letter to confirm it. I’ve got access to the course website The doorbell rings and someone is...


David’s Masters Degree Update

Open University Masters Degree

By David Wells David’s still on track to start his Masters but may have to rethink his plans It’s been a while but I thought I’d check in with another Masters update article. When I last wrote a blog post I was weighing up my options as to what module I would...


5 Things Every Student Needs to Know


By Ryan Duffy University gives you some of the best years of your life. You will make friends and memories that last a lifetime. When you first start at university you are essentially stepping in to new territory, it is likely to be a city or town you have never been to...


OU Students: Preparing for that exam

OU Student Exam Test

By Rollo Jones A Sorry Tale….. A few weeks ago I went for a job interview. I diligently prepared beforehand; researching the organization; coming up with great answers for the questions I thought they’d ask; dry cleaning everything that can be dry cleaned; the whole schamoozle. I didn’t get the job and...


Why should you opt for an alternative learning?

By Melissa Spears Just when I was feeling stuck and bored with my job I found reasons to get inspired again. Online degree courses – the leeway that empowered me with a desire to live with the job I crave for. In spite of being hedged about with professional and personal responsibilities, I managed...


Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Career Prospective as an Intern

Open University Tutorial

By Andy Bell Right after studying, most students worry about unemployment. Right off the bat, fresh graduates are under-skilled in contrast with the other candidates for employments. So how will you boost your resume and give an irresistible CV to your employers? The answers are just within your reach. Find Your Career...


7 Problems Students Face in College

Open University Student Tired

By Ashley Steven Many students in the final years of his/her school education create for themselves a favourable image of college in their mind. They think that going to college (or University in the UK) is itself a place for fun alongside higher studies and as a result they are always excited about choosing their college of...


Issue 98: Latest Open University News

Open University helicopter

Once again this past week we’ve been busy scanning across the internet to find the latest information and Open University courses. The greatest university on the planet (we reckon anyway) is always innovating and leading the way on many issues that affect us around the globe and these news pieces reflect just...


OU Students: Five Ways to Fail a TMA

Open University TMA fail

By Rollo Jones  So you want to prolong your time with the OU? We all know that studying with the Open University is the most satisfying experience you will ever have. As such it is perfectly natural that you will want to prolong it for as long as possible in the most...