Anyone studying with the Open University will know how important it is to take a breather. We often get so bogged down in TMAs or exam revision that it can be difficult to realise we all need time to step back and take stock of where we are at and where we need to be. That is why here at STOU we are taking an opportunity to look over some of the articles and blog posts produced so far and getting refreshed and motivated to produce more in the coming weeks.

When I first started this blog my aim was to put out an article every Monday with advice, hints or a story from experience. Each and every Thursday was to be a collation of news articles from the previous week or two involving the Open University, its schools or related points of interest. I’m delighted to say that so far we have been able to stick to that routine and the feedback has been massively positive.

As my degree studies draw to a close I look back fondly on my six years of Open Degree work but I am not resting on my laurels! My next project is working towards a Masters degree which will present many challenges, not least financially. I am now saving towards this next qualification which will hopefully help equip me for not only my working life but also enhance my personal development.

Finally, if you are interested in looking back over some of the more recent posts on site then please click below to go over each category. Thanks for continuing to read – David.

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The image for our Open University assistance guide coming soon!

The image for our Open University assistance guide coming soon!