We hear so much about the importance of working relationships that it can almost become background noise to how we do business. An excellent working relationship can have an amazing impact on various aspects of a business, and perhaps less obviously, on its business security. Here’s why robust working relationships can significantly improve your business security measures.

Improved Collaboration on Security Measures

Strong relationships will encourage collaboration between various components of the business themselves. However, when you look further, particularly to security teams and external suppliers of security equipment and assets, there is a far better understanding of business goals, and therefore, security measures can align with the operational needs. Whether it’s a new security system or a physical structure like palisade fencing, the concept remains the same. If security professionals can help businesses balance their costs against the risk, this will result in more effective and business-friendly security solutions.

Increased Adherence to Security Protocols and Compliance

If a security team within a business has excellent relationships with other employees, it is easier to not just promote security policies, but to enforce them as well. Employees are the best line of defence with regards to security, for example, noticing the signs of a phishing scam or if an employee is conducting internal fraud. When employees understand their importance and have a positive rapport with those in charge of security, the people on the ground floor are more likely to follow the security protocols and best practices.

Enhanced Communication and Information Sharing

Communication is naturally something that we should all work on fostering, particularly between security teams and other departments. Communication is, very simply, about the act of sharing information. In terms of vulnerabilities, security concerns, and potential threats, we need to break down those barriers and ensure employees feel comfortable communicating any concern, no matter how small it may be. If you have a culture where you don’t encourage people to speak up, this will naturally turn into a more fearful attitude. 

We should always remember that when people feel free to voice any concerns, they are more likely to report suspicious activities or security issues promptly. An excellent example is in terms of whistleblowing, which is something that comes with a whole slew of anxiety from the perspective of an employee, but when we reiterate the fact that employees can and should feel comfortable in this, it will make a huge difference.

A Positive Security Culture

The concept of keeping a business safe is not just about the physical components, but about ensuring that these robust working relationships contribute to creating a positive security culture throughout the organisation, which encourages all employees to take responsibility for security, making it a shared goal rather than just the job of one or two people. 

We have to remember that if we foster strong relationships, we’re not just going to benefit the business, but we’re going to transform the company from the inside out, viewing the concept of security as something that’s not an obstacle and will enhance the overall business security now and in the future.