Finding your purpose is something you’ll probably have to work at – nobody’s ‘purpose’ just comes along and smacks them in the face. Well, it might do occasionally, but this rarely happens. Discovering ones purpose is a journey, so you need to be prepared to do what it takes to go on this journey, get uncomfortable, and find your purpose. You’ll bring your life so much more meaning when you are living your purpose. Below, you’ll find some questions that will help you to find your purpose:

What Comes Easy To You?

Consider the things that come easy to you – the things you are good at. What is something you’ve always felt you excelled at? What have others said that you excel at? These are clues to your purpose. Write them down. Maybe you’re a great listener, and overall communicator. Maybe you have a gift with the written word. Write down as many as you can think of. 

What Do You Love?

Now let’s think about what you really love. What are your passions? They don’t have to directly link up with the things that come easy to you yet. Maybe you love cars. Horses. Talking about veganism. Just write it down.

What Does Your Heart Tell You?

Maybe you have a passion in your heart that you don’t even admit you want to try, because you’re afraid people will laugh. Maybe you don’t believe you can really pursue it. If you have a little niggle that keeps on cropping up, whether that’s taking on flight training or learning how to become a stunt car driver, you should explore it. It might seem crazy, but these things are often there for a good reason.  

When Do You Feel The Most Alive?

Think of all of the times you have felt the most alive, and assess why that was. Were you doing something you are passionate about? Taking some time over something really important to you? Maybe you can look back and see it was a mixture of everything; your passions, values, and things you’re good at all rolled into one. These situations can all give you important clues on what your passion is. 

What Does The Ideal Version Of Your Life Look Like?

Think about it carefully: what does the ideal version of your life look like? Who are you with? What do you spend your days doing? How much do you earn? Think of these things in every detail. You should be able to figure out more about your purpose this way, such as work/life balance. In fact, your purpose doesn’t necessarily have to be your job, or something you get paid for. You might realise your purpose is helping out at a dog shelter. It is different for everybody. 

What Scares You A Little?

Usually, if something scares you, it’s a good sign you should do it. Staying outside of your comfort zone in an effort to explore your passions will help you get closer and closer to your purpose.

Your purpose isn’t always one thing. It can change over time. This is why it’s so important to just keep on doing what you love, and what matters to you, and enjoy the journey!