If you are a student and want to take steps to make yourself more employable, then you are already taking a very positive approach toward giving yourself a brighter future. This guide will help to become more employable, so you can increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Get Involved with University Life

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy culture, sport, dance or simply going out and having fun, because your university will probably have clubs that you can sign up with. Besides meeting new people, you will be able to learn new skills and you may even find that you can partake in the organisation of various events.

Ask Careers for Advice

A lot of people leave visiting their local career service until they have finished their course. That being said, it is far better if you can work with them during your first year or so. The main reason for this is because they can help you to find a suitable career and they can also advise you on what employers could be looking for in a recruit. Just make sure that you get some advice regarding your CV and that you attend sessions so you can improve your interview or assessment techniques. Remember at the end of the day, that first impressions are everything. A simple spelling mistake could mean that your CV ends up getting rejected, and this is the last thing you need.

Keep a Record

It is all too easy for you to forget everything that you may have learnt while at university. You may have a record of your grades, and this is great, but you do need to make a point of telling your employer about the soft skills you have picked up. Giving examples is always a good thing to do as it could help to show how far you have come. Take the time to highlight any activities that you may have participated in and show them that you have grown as a person over the years. If you want to enhance your chances of being employed, then you can take an online business course while at university. Check out the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course if you want to take that next step.

Work Hard

High grades aren’t everything, but a lot of organisations still expect you to have a 2:1 degree, at the bare minimum. If a company asks for a certain degree, then there is a high chance that they will reject you if you fall below the entry criteria.


Companies tend to like employing people who have made the effort to give their time up for free. The main reason for this is because it shows that they are willing to help others and that they are eager to make a difference. You can volunteer at your university, or you can take the time to contact local organisations instead. Either way, if you do not have time to help out every week then this is understandable, just try and take part in a temporary project. This could be renovating a nursing centre, or even attending a fundraising event.

Work Experience

A lot of students choose to work part-time, and this is great, but if you can gain solid work experience then this will work in your favour way more.  Consider signing up with an apprenticeship program or an internship. You can also take a placement during the holidays if you want something with a bit more hands-on experience.


Sometimes it’s not about what you know, it is about who you know. If you can attend career fairs or even company presentations, then this will help you out more than you realise. You also need to speak to people who may be involved with recruiting graduates. If you don’t already, then now is the time for you to be creating a professional social media profile. LinkedIn is great but there are others that you may want to be active on, so keep that in mind.

Be Confident

If you can get through to the later stage of the interview, then you have certainly deserved it. It means that the company do indeed see potential in you and that they want to find out more. If you do not get offered the job, then ask the company to see if they can give you some feedback on the performance where possible. This will help you to do better next time, and it means you can learn from your mistakes.