The Open University in the UK has made it a mission to make learning accessible to all. They are the leading institution for distance learning and have helped millions of students achieve their ambitions.

However, for the students to do well, the faculty who work at the university must give their best. The staff at the OU goes out of their way to do their jobs in the best way possible. How do they feel about working for the OU? Job satisfaction is essential for everyone.

open university student in comfortable clothes


Open University Staff Benefits

The OU is a great organization and rewards efforts in a fairway. It offers competitive salaries, which allow them to recruit and retain the best people. The OU also believes that work-life balance is extremely important for staff to give their best.

Regular surveys are carried out to find out what the staff thinks and their views about the working condition. The recommendations and opinions of the staff are given much importance. Staff working for the OU get many benefits.


  • Development opportunities: the staff get training and development support for their current role and further growth. It starts with a thorough induction process and then continues as long as the individual works at the OU. Five days of development activity for all staff members is necessary. The staff wishing to take one of the university‚Äôs courses usually does not have to pay fees.


  • Leave and holidays: the support staff gets 30 days, and the academic staff gets 33 days of annual leaves. This is apart from the other public holidays. There are 3 additional holidays which the university takes between Christmas and New Year.


  • Study Leave: academic staff on contracts of 2 years or more can take study leave for two months in each leave year, on full salary. Regional academic staff can take 2 months of study leave with full salary within each period of 2 years completed service for pursuing research or other educational purposes.


  • Maternity Leave: staff members are entitled to 52 weeks or more than one year of maternity leaves regardless of their service. This leave entitlement is also for parents who are adopting. The statutory pay is paid for a maximum of 39 weeks, and the staff has the right to come back to work any time within the 52 weeks.


  • Health & wellbeing: the OU has a club that organizes several social and sports events. Via the affiliated clubs, the staff can be a part of many sports clubs and other hobby clubs such as gardening, astronomy, photography, etc.


Should I consider working for the OU?

Working for the OU is an excellent opportunity, and the staff agrees. The staff can work in a positive environment that challenges them to give their best. The OU makes sure that the people who work for them have the right work-life balance and are fully committed to their jobs. Both staff and the University are the winners here.