You might like to say that no type of work suits you. Sometimes it’s just easier to spend our days thinking about the life that we could have if we could work from home. Or not work at all. But the reality is that life will never be that great for the majority of us. Some people are set out to run their own business or to freelance from home. But most are set to work for a corporate company for the rest of their lives. If this is the same fate that you share, then you need to make the best out of a bad situation.

Working for someone is actually not as bad as it seems, as long as you’re finding a role that suits you and that you actually enjoy. But what type of work is going to suit you if you feel like you hate working altogether? It’s hard because we know that changing roles is also intimidating for a lot of people. However, we want to show you that with the right role, and the right company, you can have the best working experience. Keep on reading to find out what type of work is going to suit you.

Hands-On Work

Hands-on work is not for everyone. In fact, we’re still stereotypical to assume that hands-on work means people on a building site, and those people are usually always men. It’s a great trade to get into, we can’t deny that much. Being on a construction site gives you access to a pool of money to be earnt. Everyone is usually self-employed or subcontracted for a company, which means there is a chance to earn more than just your average wage. But to move into this line of work, you have to be prepared to learn a trade.

Learning the trade and perfecting it is what’s going to give you all of the money. If you can’t learn the trade and you can’t do it well, you might just lose out on some money. You’ll need to visit this website to get some of the general equipment all trades will need, and you’ll need to find your way into the role. As long as you can work in all weathers, and make sure you’re living a good lifestyle around it, this will be a great career choice. Many people go into this line of work and work far too many hours, only limiting social life and ruining the body clock!

Office Work

Office work is not for everyone, and those people are the ones that you tend to find on the building site. However, if office work is for you, then you do have the potential to rise to the top of the right company. We say the right company because not every company is going to give you those progression routes. Some are terrible for allowing their employees to progress from the bottom up, a lot want people at entry-level to the superior roles. Such as employing managers who have already managed at another company. However, if you can find a company that will allow you to progress, you have to put in the work as well. Try taking an online education course to secure a degree. This makes you far more employable, and able to climb the corporate ladder. Plus, getting a degree in something you love will allow you to move onto a job you actually like. You’re never too old to get a degree either!


Active Work

Not everyone can sit behind a desk or work on a construction site, but luckily there are routes to go down that will allow you to have a mixture of both office work and physical activity. You could either go down the route of a personal trainer, or a PE teacher. A personal trainer is going to suit you more if the thought of paperwork makes you want to cry. A personal trainer is possibly easier to become as well because you can take short term courses that give you the qualification.

Plus, there is always gyms looking to take on personal trainers, and it gives you the chance to go freelance as well. To be a PE teacher you can now train on the job as well as take a course on the side. The pay might be more secure, but the hours and the effort you have to put in is far higher. Deciding between the two will all depend on your personality and whether you’d like to work with children or not.