Beginning a discovery series can be an engaging and fulfilling venture, whether exploring nature’s wonders, unearthing historical mysteries, or investigating scientific phenomena. A good series can captivate and educate audiences, but to do it successfully requires careful planning, the appropriate equipment, and clear goals. 

What is Your Series Concept

It is important that before embarking on any series, its central theme must be determined. Are you passionate about travel, science, history or another area? Your concept will define its content and direction of episodes of your show. Be sure to conduct extensive research into this area of study to ensure there will be enough depth and interest for multiple episodes to take place over time. Also keep your target audience in mind, what would they find most fascinating.

Content Plan

Once you have your concept in mind, the next step should be developing a content plan. Outline all the main topics or episodes you wish to cover. Draft scripts or key points for each episode to ensure coherence and focus. Creating an excellent content plan will help organise your thoughts while guaranteeing each episode provides valuable and engaging information for viewers.

Accumulating Equipment

Gathering the appropriate equipment is key to producing professional-looking content, so here is a list of essential gear: 

  • Camera: To produce high-quality videos, invest in an excellent camera. DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or high-end smartphones can all produce exceptional video content.
  • Microphone: For clear audio, consider utilising either a lapel mic, shotgun mic or high-quality external microphone. 
  • Tripod: Sturdy tripods will keep your shots steady so you can focus on delivering content confidently.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting makes a significant statement about video quality. Where possible, use natural light and supplement as necessary with LED lights or softboxes when necessary.
  • Editing Software: For video editing, opt for user-friendly programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or iMovie to maximise viewership and engagement.

Selecting an Reliable INEOS Quartermaster Vehicle

Securing a reliable vehicle is of utmost importance when shooting content outdoors, and the INEOS Quartermaster makes an excellent selection for content creators looking for reliable transport. Built to rugged performance standards while offering comfort and durability in any terrain or weather condition. When making this selection, take note of:

  • Durability: Make sure the vehicle can withstand rough conditions and regular use, as well as having ample storage space to house all of your equipment for shoots.
  • Comfort: When selecting a vehicle for long distance travelling, comfort should be prioritised over fuel economy. With continued costs to consider, consider which fuel efficient model provides optimal value and performance.
  • Safety Features: Be on the lookout for advanced safety features to protect both the vehicle and its occupants during travels. 

The INEOS Quartermaster fulfils these criteria, making it an excellent companion for content creation projects.

Create Engaging Content 

Engagement is important in building a loyal audience. Show enthusiasm and genuineness when presenting, using storytelling elements to make the content relatable and memorable, visuals, graphics, and background music to add depth, and encourage interaction from viewers through questions, comments, and feedback from them.

Promoting Your Series

Promoting is as important as producing great content itself. Use social media channels like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to spread news of episodes and updates of your series to an even wider audience. Collaboration with other creators and influencers in reaching a wider demographic while consistently posting and engaging with viewers can significantly boost the visibility and popularity of your show.


Beginning your own discovery series can be both challenging and rewarding. By outlining a clear concept, creating a robust content plan, investing in appropriate equipment, producing engaging content, and effectively marketing the series you can craft an experience series that both entertains and educates its viewers. So prepare yourself to discover new adventures and share them with everyone.