Let’s face it; getting more out of your tech setup will significantly improve your daily life. While there are many possible updates that could be made, the addition of a VPN is easily one of the best.

It’s a term you’ve probably heard of by now, but why should a VPN be at the top of your agenda? Here’s all you need to know.

Firstly, what is a VPN?

The term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates an encrypted connection between your device and a computer network. Alternatively, it can be used to create a private connection between two networks.

VPNs have become highly popular over the past decade or so, not least due to their accessibility. They are now used by an estimated 1.5 billion users and are suitable for a range of devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Essentially, any internet-connected device can probably benefit from using a VPN.

5 ways to use VPNs

#1. To overcome geographic restrictions

VPNs allow you to have a virtual connection from any country. This means you can bypass geographic restrictions that would ordinarily be in place. Whether this means finding where to watch Twilight saga films online or play games that aren’t available in your country is up to you. Either way, you will find that a VPN opens the door to new home entertainment choices.


#2. To stay secure in business

Cyber crime stats highlight that you must protect yourself in business. If working from your perfect home study space, a VPN can give you a crucial layer of protection. Similarly, VPNs can be used in commercial workplaces. This is to stop cyber attackers from infiltrating your network. This allows you to work safer and without major distractions. Perfect.


#3. To stay private on public network

Perhaps the best time to use a VPN is when working on a public network, such as the WiFi in your coffee shop. Ordinarily, connecting to the net in this way would remove your privacy and leave you open to potential vulnerabilities. With a VPN, it feels like you have a private connection while actively using the public network. 


#4. To boost internet speeds 

A VPN doesn’t technically boost your internet speed or connection. However, ISPs (internet service providers) can throttle your internet connection . Especially when you have heavy usage such as gaming and streaming. A VPN gives you optimal privacy. So, you will continue to receive an uninterrupted connection and speed. Just as you deserve.


#5. To save money

The main reason why many people refrain from getting a VPN is the cost. However, privacy can save you money on a host of purchases because brands can’t track your activities. Learning how to avoid cookies by traditional methods is one way. But a VPN will give you the best solution. Savings will show when booking holidays or goods where prices fluctuate.


The final word

A VPN can deliver a plethora of benefits in your personal and professional life. Better still, your whole family can tap into the rewards. When looking to level up your tech game, this is the perfect choice.