Teaching is one of those things that isn’t really a career. It’s more of a lifestyle, a personal learning journey, and a commitment to working your magic on thousands of young people who need some vital skills and knowledge to go and take on the world outside of the school gates. Whilst this does, granted, sound like a lot of pressure, there are so many benefits to teaching, and if you’re a driven, caring person, then this may be the profession for you. We’ve noted down some of the main reasons why you should consider teaching!

It’s rewarding

OK, no matter what teachers experience throughout the school week, there are guaranteed to be moments in there that you find extremely rewarding. You could be marking books some nights, coming up with homework tasks, and feeling generally tired with all of the stuff that you have to do, but then you get a kid – just one kid – approach you. And he says, ‘Miss, thank you so much for teaching me this, I really enjoyed your lesson.’ And you remember why you started it all in the first place, because if you can have an impact upon one kid, then you’ve made your mark where you were supposed to.

You learn, too

So, as a teacher, you’re going to be spending your days teaching kids all that they need to know. However, they’re not going to be the only ones learning, and you’re going to find out so much from them (such as how to use Snapchat filters). Not only this, but you’re going to be able to see what the reality of life is for many kids, which will really open up your mind to the society that we live in. Some kids come to school ready to learn, despite what’s going on in their private lives. Some kids will teach you about things you never knew before. If you’re a fan of learning yourself, then teaching is definitely worth considering.

You can work wherever you want

Teaching is one of those brilliant professions that allows you to work all over the world. There isn’t a single country that doesn’t have schools, and most of them are always on the lookout for teachers. In fact, there is teacher funding pretty much everywhere – whether it is public or private – as it is one of the main things that any society needs. If you fancy jetting off to a different country and seeing what life has to offer there, then teaching will enable you to do that. And after all, who doesn’t want to spend a day inspiring young people, and then going to relax on the beach afterwards?

You’ll always have a job

As we’ve mentioned before, you can work anywhere in the world with teaching, because most places are crying out for teachers all of the time. Because of this, you have a great deal of job security, and if anything happens with your current role, you will definitely be needed somewhere else. This is something that many other people simply can’t say, so if you’re looking for some stability in your future, then teaching is undoubtedly one of the best paths to go down. You will have some worries as a teacher (‘have I planned my lessons properly?!’) but job security definitely won’t be one of them.

It’s not boring

Teaching is great because no two days are the same, and every day that you go into school, you know that you’re going to experience something different. Kids are always growing and changing, and because of this, they’re always bringing new things to the table. Unlike an office job, where you go into work pretty much knowing what’s going to happen, teaching can throw some unexpected things at you, and you never quite know how the day is going to pan out. If you’re a lover of change and all things unique and interesting, and you’d hate a boring job, then you’re definitely going to be a fan of teaching kids.

You build up great relationships

Teaching is just as much about knowing your students inside out as it is about imparting knowledge onto them. Without these relationships, it will be difficult to teach them things, anyway! If you’re somebody who loves to chat to people, to build up relationships, and to be honest and caring towards people, then teaching is definitely the job for you. Kids of this age need emotional support, and caring role models to look up to. Whilst this definitely starts at home, the next port of call for advice is school (and teachers), so you’ll always be able to build up those strong relationships.

You will be changing people’s lives

No matter what the kids go through during their time at school, all of them will achieve something on the other side of it. Some kids want to work in retail stores, and this is fine. Others want to head off to college, and this is also fine. The main thing is that you help them to get to where they’re going, and it will be just as emotional to hear that one of them got a job at Walmart, as to hear that one of them managed to get into Harvard. You will have helped those kids to get to those places, and you can take pride in the fact that they have achieved everything that they wanted to, with your help.


If you want to help young people to achieve all that they can, whilst having one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, then teaching may be for you. There are a whole host of benefits when it comes to standing in front of the whiteboard, from helping you to achieve the flexibility and excitement of a job that isn’t based in an office, to giving you that overwhelming sense of joy and achievement when you see a student get something that they really worked hard for. If this sounds like something you’d love to do, then get into teaching!