Do you want to continue your education without leaving your job? There could be many other reasons for why you cannot go to a regular college. Nothing should come in the way of education.

The OU offers you the path to pursue higher education for anyone with a desire to learn. There are no entry requirements for studying here for most of the courses. The OU helps students to achieve the qualification they deserve. Here are six reasons why students should study with the OU.


Reputation: the reputation of the OU for its world-leading research, innovative teaching, and flexibility is excellent. They have been imparting education for more than 50 years. UK employers rate the OU very highly. In 2018, according to the World University Rankings, the OU was in the top 15% of the UK universities as far as overall student satisfaction was concerned. The OU has also won awards for digital innovation and teaching excellence to complete their practical work online. 


Flexibility: flexibility is one of the main reasons many students choose to study with the OU. Over the years, they have combined flexibility with the latest technology and offer a great distance learning experience to the students. Flexibility is a part of their mission, and it makes the university open to people, methods, and ideas. Students can learn from any part of the world provided there is a broadband connection. 


Value: more than 2 million people have already benefited by studying at the OU. It is the value you get for the money you spend which makes it attractive. All course material is included in the course fees. There is no extra cost for moving away to a campus-based university. Moreover, because you can continue to work while studying at the university, you can earn while you learn. The qualifications are respected and recognized internationally. 


Global support: the OU offers extensive support ranging from tutor support to peer support. It will encourage you to achieve success. Skype sessions and study guides will make learning easy for students wherever they are. The combination of flexibility, world-class teaching, and tailored support can provide a great experience to higher education students. 


Quality: the OU offers the same quality assurance that any other British University offers. The quality of teaching is very high. The OU uses external assessors and examiners to ensure a high standard. The OU is renowned for its high-quality research, and researchers love to work with the university. 


Career Opportunities: OU students are attractive to employers because they realize that many students are working while studying. This helps in developing many valuable skills and qualities which they are looking for. The OU also offers Careers Advisory Service, which is a helpful resource for students and prepares them for future life. 


Studying with the OU is an investment 

The unique flexible way of teaching at the OU means that you do not have to put your life on hold. You can continue to learn without pause. Students can spend less or more time according to their other commitments.

Studying at the OU can be a great investment for a better future.