You should never stop learning. There’s so much to learn out there, the second you stop, the second you stop progressing! Yet most people don’t take this approach. We spend the best part of two decades in the educational system; then we find a job, and, all of a sudden, we seem content to give up on learning altogether, and instead just focus on doing the work we’re paid for. Yet while some people might see learning as a distraction from progressing in their career, this just isn’t true: by learning more, you’ll be on the path towards a better paying job. Below, we take a look at five ways you can continue to learn after you leave school.


There’s pressure attached to having a job. You can’t just take what you need; you need to ensure that you’re contributing enough of what you’re being paid to contribute. As such, you can’t branch out, or try something new for the day. If you did, your boss would very quickly have something to say to you! As such, it’s worthwhile taking a look at volunteering in a related field. This is fun, boosts your resume, and allows you to learn new skills in a less stressful environment.

Nail What’s Needed

You’ll know some of the skills you need to progress, or even to get a job in the first place. If you lack in that department, then you don’t need to get too disheartened: you can do something about it! It’s about taking those courses that’ll make up for your employability shortcomings. If mathematics is holding you back, then look at resitting your school maths examinations. If your command of language is preventing you from working in the UK, then you can be brought up to speed by taking a course with the LSBF school of English. There’s a course for everything that you need, so sign up and do it.

Read About The Best

Some lessons are learned less directly. If you’re trying to make yourself a success in one particular field, then why not read the books by the people who have already proven themselves to be a success in that field? There is no shortage of awesome entrepreneur books available, for instance, and they might just tell you something that you’ve never realized before. That’s called learning!

Hone In On your Craft

There’s always scope for getting better at what you do. It’s just about opening your eyes, ears, and mind, and figuring how you can improve. One of the best – not to mention underrated – tools in your arsenal is that of self-reflection. If you can figure out the areas in which your weak, then you can take steps to tighten up those weak spots.  

Out of the Comfort Zone

Finally, remember there’s no education like stepping out of your comfort zone! Do something you’ve never done before, and you’ll be on the right path to learning new skills that’ll aid you in your career goals.